Oooh...I love the new and striking, early 70s-esque Longchamp ads featuring two of my top four models--Kate Moss and Sasha Pivovarova. You all know and love Kate by now (if you don't then you must have been living in a cave since 1992 and have a lump of coal where your heart should be), but you probably don't know Sasha. While she lacks the fleeting fame of ubiquitous "it" models like Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe (daughter of Gavin Rossdale), her photos are always beyond mesmerizing. Plus, she's been the face of Prada since 2005. I blame her lack of household namehood on the fact that there are three, count them 1...2...3, Vs in her name. Sasha Pivavorova. Whoa.

Oh and I won't leave you guessing. My other favorite models are doll-faced Lily Cole, and Sean Lennon duet partner Irina Lazareanu. I despise Agyness Deyn. Not really her as a person, but everything that she represents. It's supposedly some sort of industry secret that she's old. Like 26 and just getting started? Whoa again.



Follow my blog with bloglovin´

I'm trying to figure out bloglovin' so that following will be easier for you and me both. I deleted the "lovers" section of my blog, soon to be replaced (hopefully) with a "follow me with blog lovin'" badge. Does that mean that you guys can no longer follow? I was aiming just to delete your lovely faces off my blog, not prevent you from being able to follow. If it took my blog off of your subscription list, I do hope that you will manually enter the URL into your list of blogs you follow. As in, do that NOW. mmkthanks.

Doesn't "BLOG LOVING" look like a phrase from a foreign language?


OH HAI what are you doing this weekend? Cuz you should totally go to this thing Saturday night. It's called Sew the Seeds and it's being held at your favorite haunted haunt, The Spanish Moon. There will be music, a dance party with The Real Steven, and a parade of supercute, one of a kind fashions. I know because I've got that VIP status and I've already taken a peek at them. Yours truly will be walking the walk and literally auctioning the clothes off my back for my beloved Vicki and her good-doing causes. This time it's the Global Volunteer Network. I also went darker and redder for that girl just when I was beginning to like my lighter locks. Sooooo come watch me clumsily strut around in a cute little frock, meet the event coordinator and all around fab lady Vicki--who also does THE best hair in Baton Rouge, dance your sweatshirts off, and drink that drank. See you there kitty kats.



A few things you might not know about me: 1. I got a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology (what?) 2. right now I'm working on my masters in Philosophy (again, what?) and 3. I don't plan on "using" either one (WHAT?). What I really want to do is what I'm doing here-- something fashionable, something written, something fashion magazine centered. Nothing like what I've done in school, but it's not all for naught. In fact, studying philosophy will get you those mad world skillz, although you better learn your social skills elsewhere. Social butterflies should expect to be shunned amongst the halls of Coates. There is a reason why we hide our offices in the attic and the TAs call it "secret philosophy cave." Yes, it is a Platonic pun. And the printer used to go by "Socrates." NERDS, hell yes.

Anywho I wrote a blog about Christmas, being bipolar, and philosophy a while ago. I think I had a case of the debbie downers or maybe the jitters, but it's like I've got this tempting blog where I can share all my secrets and half-thoughts not so anonymously ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I feel safe because I can't see your face which means I can't see your disapproval/censure/fear. It's all confidential right?

Let's start with the gift. In celebration of the season I have compiled a little existentialist playlist for you. I put some happy tunes on there too so we don't over kill ourselves. Scroll to the very bottom and you'll find what's resting under the tree. Sorry that I didn't have time to wrap it. People got to work these days.

Wait, what does the birth of baby Hay-zeus, 8 days of lamp oil, or cultural pride have to do with Jean-Paul Sartre (Camus, if you like)? I don't know about you guys but when the fits of merriness die down I'm often left in a wake of restless existential upsets. Oh you know quiet moments when Being is just far too much to bear. Like what am I doing here? And what is this clump of matter I call my own? Nauuusseeeeaaa.

There is a flipside though. You can either drown in a pool of your own disgusting Being, or you can become the golden god of your own kingdom. One is responsible for all things, bears the weight of the whole world, chooses his own birth. It's a hefty burden, but it also makes you the ruler of all things. The king of the world. Your own...personal.....Jesus. Reach out, touch faith.

Sartre ate a lot of speed. I think this is relevant here. Plus he'll be remembered for his plays, not his philosophy. Also relevant.
Unlike Sartre I won't be remembered for anything because I'm not relevant in any way. Except for if I die really soon and you guys continue to post comments on my blog/myspace/facebook wall. Then I would live in the internet. OMG I just realized the internet is heaven. Or hell. Sartre said "Hell is other people," and we are all going to live there together forever.
All dogs go to heaven, all ppl go 2 teh interwebz.

In all seriousness winter is my favorite time of the year because there is something so wonderful about its wretched loneliness. Remember the great blizzard of Baton Rouge '08? You've got to feel the bitter biting wind and maybe a little snow to enjoy the warmth of a snugglebunny in a makeshift blanket hovel. Up and down, up and down, free wheeling see-saw-ery. And there is nothing quite like Chrismahanakwanzakuh to bring forth these underlying emotional bipolarities that plague our youth. Like you might think you are bipolar but really you are just flipping an existential coin. Or you might just be thirsty, like when you crave ice cream or that time you thought about having an abortion.

Bah. How strange it is that you are reading this thing I wrote.
How strange it is to be anything at all!

If I don't see you, Merry Chrismahanakwanzakuh bitches



"It" bags are out, and "it" shoes rule. What are "it" shoes? Peep these Rodarte heels to find out.
I forgot who did the blue ones (damn), but the gold ones are by Christian Louboutin (see the hint of red sole at the heel?). I really love walking around barefoot, but if shoes like these are lying around... well, I'd at least have to try them on. I'm like, supergay for them. I don't even really want to wear them so much as I just want to look at them.
Creep mode alert.

Prada and Miu Miu have been making surrealistic dream heels for years. It's kind of their schtick. But now it's like all the fancy fashionistas want fun feet. Forget function. F that (alliteration) !


Oh my audience of 16 readers... where have I been? What exciting things have I been doing for the past WEEK? and Did I bring you a gift from my exotic travels? Bet you thought daddy was gone for good this time.
Well, the truth is as exciting as it is unexciting. 1. I had finals and after procrastinating and publishing 4 entries in like, idk, 4 days, I actually had some work to do. 2. then it was denouement. C. denouement is one of my favorite words (big enough to impress Gabe?) 4. my camera came in! and finally, 5. I've been planning and preparing things for this little blog so it'll be good enough to cut the fashion mustard.
Did I just combine 2 separate idioms? I love it when that happens because nobody knows what they mean anyway, but we can use them to create new meaning. Communication and meaning are nebulous?
At this point in time I've got like 8 blog entries running around in my brain. Maybe 2 of them are saved to Microsoft Word. But I also have an epic headache right now that has zero to do with last night's activities. It's okay though because I'm nursing it with some ibuprofen and a $6 bottle of water that is 100x purer than you'll ever be.
In the oh-so-cute words of Marissa, toodles poodles.



Soooo..... watch that little Dior video a few posts down because it confirms, amongst other things, that French people make the best music. And a chica on another blog translated the lyrics thusly:

"Me I play, I play at cheeks against cheeks, I play at cheeks against you, but you, do you want to?, With all my heart, I want to win this heart against heart, You know my game by heart, So defend yourself"

I didn't know I could something so much.



So the other night I wore my long gold chain necklace with the tiny gold coins backwards-- as in the long part went down my back while the front part nestled in my collarbone. The back of my top was cut in a low scoop so it seemed only natural to do so. I don't think anyone really noticed, or maybe they just didn't get it, but Elliot was all, let me fix your necklace girl. That's how I wear it these days fool. Now take that idea to your anthropologie merchandisers, I said.

Looks like I'm not the only one:



this were my life. Girling out all over Paris with a happy little tune and Sofia Coppola running the show. Oui Oui indeed.



There are two types of fashionistas on this planet: those who like to see, and those who like to be scene. And although I've always considered myself a part of the former, I realized that my favorite blogs feature the lovely author displaying artfully posed ensembles in her mundane bedroom. So I ordered a fancy digital camera that isn't quite fancy enough to make me look like I know what I am doing, but it is enough for me to claim entrance into the 21st century. Awkwardly posed pictures of me in my vintage abode (harvest gold and avocado and poppy orange!) or the square patch of grass called a backyard are forthcoming. Or maybe I'll take them in the laundry room cottage. I'll brave the hazards of angry wasps and poop and lonely socks for fashion.

Since I'm not one to be scene, I would love for some of y'all to come to come over and play dress up sometime. Or maybe I'll come to you. Depends on how big your closet is.

Ah, slowly filling my life up with up-to-date technologyz.



I've never been a Victoria's Secret girl, mostly because the quality is poor and the designs are much too tacky for my sophisticated underthings taste. I'm all, skip the PINK--get me a Calvin Klein or DKNY set pretty please. That is until Vicki started making silk lovelies and vintage-esque teddies again:

I'm not sure where I'll wear it, but I'm pretty sure I'll wear it everywhere if Santa gets me one.
Officially added to the wishlist.


I've been meaning to let you all in on a secret of mine. With the holidays just around the corner and a new issue released, it's the perfect time to indulge ourselves with a little treat. Meet N.E.E.T. magazine, an online, Brit-based quarterly publication that focuses on "grassroots creativity and craftsmanship" --fancy words for independent designers, vintage clothiers, and earth-friendly fashions. Whatever flavor of indie you crave, be it uber cute Asian-inspired street styles, ultra hip urban wares, girly antique grandma looks, or quirky high fashion ensembles, N.E.E.T will find an independent company (usually just a crafty gal with some time on her hands) to suit your tastes. Think of it as your go-to guide for online vintage stores and etsy shops, without having to wade through all of the junk. It's the perfect source for finding one-of-a-kind yet affordable gifts for friends and family. And it doesn't hurt that their website is super easy to navigate. If you see something you like simply click on it and a new browser will direct you to your desires, all without straying away from the mag. Did I mention that they have some of the best fashion layouts? This issue's Miss Lulu and The Teaspoon Shortage is a must-see. God, even the title is brillz.
the current issue.

totally cute previous issues.



Brace yourselves, kids, this one is image heavy and wanders everywhere my mind goes.

I think I found the two best jobs in the world. Zoe Bradley is a British sculptural artist who makes amazing things out of luxury paper for window installations, exhibitions, advertisements, whatever. Origami schmoragami.

And this is the work of fashion illustrator Danny Roberts, who is, hellooooo, only 23.

When asked who is greatest inspirations were, he mentioned two artists—Aubrey Beardsley and Egon Schiele. It was then that I knew it had to be LOVE, love, love. Beardsley is basically this badass from the Victorian era who made risqué illustrations. His control of negative space is divine. The funny thing is that I always confuse him with Ambrose Bierce. He's the guy that wrote The Devil's Dictionary. Same time period, same initials. Of cats Bierce wrote: A soft indestructible automaton provided by Nature to be kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle. Of philosophy: a route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.
And Schiele is pretty much my favorite artist ever. Remember the original Ashford Gets Dressed banner? It looked a little something like this.

That’s Schiele for you. I like to pretend that’s me under the patchwork quilt rubbing my orange-stockinged feet together somewhere around the turn of the century, somewhere in Schiele's life.

And these are two of my favorites:

Green + yellow, silk thigh-highs, and an extreme composition = brilliant. Schiele is sort of my reason for living. No one or thing inspires me more. (Not even Karl Lagerfeld.)

You can find Zoe Bradley and her paper concoctions peppered throughout the internet, but especially here. Then check out Danny's illustrations.

Adoration overloadz



So I found this really badass site that lets you make "sets" like the one above. Try not to make fun of it too hard because it's only my first one. Anywho, as you may have guessed I'm all about some fringe and feathers this season. But you don't have to take my word for it; fringe + feathers made it to Bazaar's "in" list. And you KNOW those lists are like the handbook of the fashion police. It's a good thing too because TRS says I gotta dress up for Wednesday's special Thanksgiving edition of VELCRO at the Spanish Moon. Indians will be cutting up some pilgrims so choose your friends wisely.

Just put some feathers in your hair and let's go already.
I hate pictures of myself.
but I lurve this cozy white v-neck.



So I used to be kind of embarrassed that my fashion idols consisted of the barely-of-age skeletwins Mary Kate and Ashley. Now I've got to get in the confessional booth with something even more blush worthy to tell. New fashion icon = 12 year old blogger Tavi. Lovely little vignettes take me back to middle school days when the genuinely cool kids had no idea about anyone else's existence, doing their own thang like a mountain dew. Add unbelievable sophistication, a spew of spontaneous internet-age lingo (she will lolspeak u undr teh tablez), and an amazing at-home banged and bobbed haircut and petit little Tavi will win your heart. And not just because she's so darn cute, but because she actually knows what's up. I've read a lot of turdy blogs in my day, especially fashionable ones, and hers is the chocolate to my soymilk (soon to be rice milk?). Seriously, she's so brilliant I almost don't even want to give you the link to her blog.

as long as you promise to still love me afterwards



good reads.

One of these so I don't have to take a bitch down with my cadillac cruiser.

Two pairs of these so I can customize one pair and still have a pair that I didn't eF up.

I'm thinking green is the new black. Or black is still black. Whatever you think is more "in."

i you.



Since WWD broke the news officially, oh i don't know maybe a week or so ago, let me be the second to let the cat out of the bag. Plus i know you fools don't have a scrip to WWD because let's face it, it's too expensive even with your student discount.

England's edgy avant-garde darling Alexander McQueen is doing a line for Target. No, it's not GO International. That label is saved for up-and-coming-you-might-not-know-who-this-is-let's-hype-this-guy designers. This is yet another brilliant idea brought to you by Target in an effort to bring high fashion at low prices to the fashionably conscious masses. The so-called Designer Collaborations will feature established (read: BIG name) designers for limited edition collections. McQueen's unveiling is set for March 2009.

Unlike McQueen's runway shows, the Target line should be totally affordable AND wearable (The show pictured above is his 'Ready-to-Wear' line). Price points have yet to be set, but word is that the styles will give a nod to the punk aesthetic. Studs, mesh, and zippers will be involved, but hopefully it won't be as tacky as it sounds. Color palette runs the range of neutrals from grays, tans, black and white with pops of cobalt and pink. Apparently the collection is inspired by The Duke Spirit's Leila Moss, with at least two tees dedicated to the band. I do like The Step and the Walk.

They used to play this song at American Eagle when I worked there. Don't you think with cheekbones like that Leila Moss could be Kate Moss's long-lost ugly cousin, minus the ugly part?



For all you haters who think fashion is dumb/superficial/a waste of time, take a peek at the artful masterpieces presented in this video. Watch as organic shapes twist and fold into clothing that begins to breathe with life. Your smile will grow larger as the end grows nearer.
Don't worry, it's not spam and I don't know how to phish.
Thanks to J.R. for sending me the link.



turns out Michelle's dress is Narciso Rodriguez.


Yeahhhhh... MY president has that sexy family. And that's what really matters. Seriously, who wouldn't love this bunch?

So Michelle's dress last night was kind of strange, and the small gathering of friends watching the election coverage with me seemed to agree. I'm not all against it, I just think there is something wrong with the fit. The crossover part needs to be tighter or something. It needs a purpose. Yeah, then it'd be hot. I'd love to know who made it. Apparently it's not the one that Maria Pinto, fave local designer of the new first lady, had in mind. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I'm sure there will be plenty of bashing.

Inaugural dresses of the first lady have a history of making a scene. They also tend to boost the names of their designers. We'll see if Maria Pinto's phone will be ringing off the hook come January.

Jackie O was the first First Lady whose name became synonymous with style. Her go-to guy was Oleg Cassini, a designer whose name has all but faded from the modern fashionista's lips. However, brides may be familiar with Mr. Oleg since he's got his name licensed out on the virginal white gowns. Or if you know about vintage, this guy is definitely where it's at. Disco Fever for reals.

Hilary was bashed for her purple encrusted Sarah Phillips gown she wore for Bill's first inauguration, so she stuck to the classics the second time around --Oscar de la Renta.

Rosalynn Carter, however, is probably known for having made the greatest faux pas. She decided to start a tradition by wearing the same gown that she wore to her husband's gubernatorial inauguration 6 years EARLIER. I mean, this thing is to' up from the flo' up to begin with. Ok maybe it's not that bad for 1971. Actually, it's right on point. But for 1977, puhhleassse. America was almost new wave by then.

Can't wait to see what Michelle chooses. Can't wait for January 20th in general.



It's not fashion, but whatever. Mos Def holds a tiny space in my heart. Remember when he was in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? He was in Be Kind Rewind too, which is actually a good movie. It's all surreal and then heartwarming-- love Michel Gondry even if he's not a woman like J thought he was.

I got the clip from Courtney over at www.thedopegame.com. Check her out. She's got nice threads for you.

get your fix with dope.



So I've been totally in love with Beck's recent look. I think it's inspired by another one of my favorite mavericks: Oscar Wilde.

Uncanny, right? My costume history course tells me that this is "aesthetic dress" and that Oscar Wilde is credited with having proclaimed that it is the most artistic form of dress possible. Wilde might have been gay, but Beck is just hot and I don't normally go for blondes.

Check out his new video because it's pretty cool if you like 60s psychedelic vaudevillian acid trips. or fringe. If you like fringe, you need to see this.
Beck - Gamma Ray

This video reminds me of how I always wanted to grow up and be in the circus. I thought I could be the contortionist. I know, f'ing weird. But if cirque-du-soleil called me, I would totally run away with the circus carnies. I also want to befriend the elephants. They've got soul.

If you look closely that really hot girl is Chloe Sevigny.



Election season is here, and it's time to take sides on the important issues. This time we're tackling the leggings debate. If you've got the legs, then leggings are pants. If you don't, then they ain't. It's a double standard, I know, but some of us need to learn that you can't look good in everything. Not even supermodels can put on whatever is lying around and look fabulous-- that's why there are hours upon hours of fittings for a 20 minute fashion show. Yep, clothes are kind of a big deal.

American Apparel has perfected the art for $30-40:
You can't talk about leggings without mentioning their queen bee, everyone's favorite drug-addict/problem child/summer lesbian/singer/actress:I mean the girl has her own line of leggings, which, by the way, is super tacky. Love Lindsay, hate red + leopard print. Ew.

Another Queen B weighed in on the issue last week. Miss Blair bitch slapped a freshie for her tights-as-pants faux pas. And if by tights we mean pantyhose, then I whole-heartedly agree. Sheer nylons certainly aren't appropriate on their own. But if we're talking about a cotton blend then like, they totally are. Sorry B, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree. Oh and sorry about Chuck. That was some bullshit.




Blame it on the strawberry-blonde-bordering-on-brown hair I've been rocking since the summer, but I just can't get enough clothing made of sugary sweet ice cream colors like mint and peach. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like for oh i don't know --the past decade-- it's been hard for me to come across fashion in the appropriate hues for my hair/skin. Besides the fact that "modern" color palettes get worn out before they were ever even cool (thanks charlotte russe), lack of fresh color selection always brings me down. How is that the l-a-m-e-s-t colors (think baby pink, baby blue, white) have persisted in mainstream fashion for so long? It's like here I am trying to spend my hard-earned money at your store in an effort to bump up my ever-evolving wardrobe (I can't help it, I get so inspired by new ideas), but I can't find one item that's going to meet my palette needs. I'm really not trying to be a downer, but somehow I always end up with the black, navy, or brown version of everthing. I suppose I could go to higher end fashion, but who's got a money tree in their backyard? All I've got in mine are dog turds.

Anyway, enough rant. I'm all about the positive here -- I just needed you guys to know where I'm coming from. I've taken a small peek at Spring 2009 ready to wear, and I've got some good news to report. Colors are like, soooo FRESH. praise jesus!DKNY's runways were dotted with the fuzzy fruit's hue, including peach converse-style sneaks for men.Marc Jacobs rounded out his collection with creamy, lickable frocks.

And Patrick Robinson's first spring line for Gap fully embraced the dreamsicle. I must admit, I wasn't too excited about his Go International collection for Target last year (his was probably the only installation I don't own a piece from), but I'll gladly eat my words as long as their atop these deliciously soft drawsting pants that come in a wide array of frothy colors.

Take a tip from the above and pair your ice cream pastels with the lightest neutrals you can find -khakis, grays, and nudes. Now that's something to scream about.

check out all the shows at style.com.



So the menswear for women trends--ties, vests, plaids, and the like--have been going on strong for a while now, but it's these oversize blazers with the sleeves scrunched up that I can't get enough of. Scrunching the sleeves is very important for the look. Avoid shoulder pads. That's also very important.

The Sartorialist reported that they were all over fashion week. Thanks for the photo: www.thesartorialist.com

I like 'em on boys too. Girls share with your boys, and boys you do the same. Beautiful.

(photo: trovata 2006, style.com)

Normally menswear inpsired trends can be attributed to the influence of powerful women or women's movements in general -- think Bloomers of the mid 1800s, suffragists of the early 20th century, women's lib of the 70s, and the extreme power suits of the 1980s working woman. Since Hilary has dropped out, to whom do we owe the current trend? Mizz Sarah Palin is right. Congratulations, hun.

fashion icon and would-be VP

I'm about as serious as a cheap pair of red sandals worn with a somber black skirt-suit. Real classy.