SO OVER IT: Tunics

Can a girl get a MF'ing shirt that isn't a tunic these days? Apparently not. I've been shopping all over the place and it seems every tee, tank, and blouse out there is just sooo long. I mean, I am on the taller side so when tunics first became popular I was the first one to get excited about a shirt that would cover the muffin tops/tramp stamps/plumber's cracks of the world that were creeping out all over the place, set free by the advent of extreme low rise jeans. Unless you were super petite and super tan, i.e. a sufferer of tanorexia a la' Tara Reid, those waistlines were Out-of-Control unflattering. But now that normal and high rise jeans are vogue, isn't it also time we please lose the tunics? I'm not asking for the revival of the boxy crop tops or tiny fit baby tees of the 90s. All this girl wants is for shirts to be long enough to tuck in, but not so lengthy that I've got bunching all around the anus area. Yeah I said anus- the strong language expresses my frustration.

In case you missed it, tucked in tops are my current obsession. From 70s high waists to oxford prep to vampy pencil skirts, a tucked in shirt is all the rage in my style book.

Also, these blog things really should come with a soundtrack. Today's track is "Homecoming" by The Teenagers. Listen while you enjoy my rant. Better yet, stop whatever you're doing and watch this video right now.

Told you it was good.