Y'all, I have been busy. Like, so busy it's unreal. All with exciting projects, of course, but what else is new?

Well, I had a birthday this week. My GOLDEN birthday, at that! It totally sneaked up on me in between my Lucky magazine contest entries (see sidebar) and an event I'm planning with New York's #1 thrift shop, Vintage Thrift. ( Look at the awesome flier we made! Styled by yours truly!)

And now back to the birthday. I'm a very lucky girl in that I could totally not plan anything at all and still have a few loving friends who filled my day with all sorts of surprises. Just look at this cake! When I first sliced into it, I thought it was going to be strawberry, but as I kept going, so did the colors. Yep, it's a homemade pastel rainbow cake. Six layers!

My sis surprised me with gifts and treats galore, including this super cute new workout shtuff, caramel salty ice cream, rosemary/sea salt/and raspberry jam butter cookies (so yum), and these MISSONI FOR TARGET PIECES. I mean, how did she get them?!

Well, truth be told, my sister travels for work every week and happened to be in LA for opening day. Not the ideal city to be in, but perhaps slightly better than NY. After scrambling to three different Targets, she managed to scrounge up two pairs of zigzag socks and a gigantic mug (sorry, no pics, that one's already been moved to my office).

And this super cool bracelet was created by my friend Shelby, who also made the cake. Since I'm usually the one doing the gift-making, I was thrilled to get these awesome gifties. I think they are the first presents anyone has ever made me, save for a few valentines I can recall.