Charlotte Gainsbourg, via Childhood Flames, a long time ago

Why, hello hello blog friends! Back again and this time I'm armed with some New Years resolutions. It's the start of the decade so let's make them count.

(P.S. this is the longest post ever.)

ONE: No more pity parties. When you're down in the mud, it's really easy to wallow in it. I've always been one to try to change my situation for the better, so I've got that part covered. This resolution has more to do with changing the focus of my mental energy all together. Is mental energy too new age-y? (Resolution 1.1: get more new age-y in the new year.)

TWO: Less black. Or more black. I can't decide which. On the one hand, black is dull, boring, and has the possibility of sucking the life out of my pale winter skin. On the other hand, everything I try on seems to work best in the black, or nearly black, version. I'll let the mirrors decide.

THREE: Sleeping by myself. Ha, this one doesn't mean what you think it does. Since I pretty much spend the hours of noon to night on this laptoppy thingy, at bedtime I am quite prone to simply sliding it off my lap and onto the adjacent mattress space just before the drool hits the keyboard. It's probably not the safest spot for my computer, and gee, I'd really like my bed back, technology, so it's onto the wooden floor for you. Plus, you're kind of making a rectangle shape indention in the mattress and that's not cool.

And now, the party stuff. Doing anything without serious planning and commitment always turns into a cluster eff, but by the time the clock struck 2011, all was right. I toasted to my new roomies, climbed up to our still-snowy rooftop, and caught firework shows from both the ocean (?) and East River sides. Very cool.

Then it was dance party time at a few local bars. I wore a turban. Like this:

Here's the whole look, Polyvore style:
Vintage Victor Costa emerald green ballgown that I had shortened several years ago, vintage Paola Conte sequined vest, Family Dollar turban (you read that right), H&M bib necklace, and the same two rings I always wear. For my legs I had black tights and platforms, which I later swapped for flats before heading out, because at that point I just didn't care anymore. There was no real inspiration besides sequins and gems, and none of it really made any sense, but when it came together it seemed to work.

Two hats are better than one.

What about you? Any New Years/New Decade resolutions?
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