Vogue Italia

It seems better than celebrating the 100th. That and I'm antsy to talk about things.
1) I feel really really special whenever I read your comments.
2) I feel really really really extra awesome when there are new followers.
3) Both these things introduce me to new and awesome reads and interweb paths that are just like my brain, which I like.

Which brings me to:
A) I want to work on updating and expanding my blogroll.
B) I want to work on updating and expanding my brain.

Which means:
i) Let's play link exchange!

Or, if lazy:
ii) Just give me your link.




Can you remember the moment you first fell in love... with fashion? I do! I do! Way back in the 6th grade, it was the moody Amber Valletta for Prada ads that made a lasting impression. Suddenly my cartoon-ish drawings (I was always an artiste) became thoughtful mixtures of texture, design, and style. Eventually these drawings turned into "collections" (um yes I still have that notebook somewhere) featuring red bandeau tops over button downs, tuxedo pants, and 50s ball gowns with peter pan collars (my influences were eclectic OK) all with an anime-ish bent (cuz I was into that stuff) (and it was the 90s). Anywho, those Prada ads stayed tacked to my walls even through high school.

I give you my love affair, Prada, circa 1996-1997.

I couldn't find my favorite one--Amber is in a boat on a lake, wearing the daintiest of sheer slip dresses. OH IT IS SO GOOD.

To this day Prada and Miu Miu are still my number ones. Just look at these tangerine lips!

These sunglasses with their perfect amount of cat-eyedness and space-agehood, I MUST HAVE THEM. And pigtails. Obviously, I'm way into that.


Steven Meisel shot the campaign. He also did the Missoni ads I was ooh-ing and aw-ing over last season.

If Tavi has Rei, then I'll take Miuccia.



You know when you put on an outfit and you're like "yeahhhhh, this one feels like me" and you want to wear it everyday for the next three days and feel pretty damn good about your sheer genius and the state of the world in general? Well, that's how I feel today-- gothic, girly, grunge and lolita all rolled into one. I love it.

I'm submitting this one to Weardrobe's Best Winter Accessories look because this scarf is oh-so-adorable. It has rows and rows of fluffy white pom poms on the ends that make me feel like a little lamb.

1. Thrifted Angie dress, $4.
2. Unbranded black cardigan, $Free from work.
3. Secondhand Sisley scarf, $4.50, work.
4. Fleurish legging pants, $39, Dillard's.
5. Stripey socks, $Free, gift from grandma (aww).

6. Natural Comfort platforms, $20, The Dressing Room.



So I never watch these things because all I care about is Joanie River's fashion round-up, but when I saw Betty Draper looking like this, I had to say something.

January in Lanvin. PHOTO.
Apparently looking amazingly awesome on the red carpet is January's thing. Between the understated glamor, the statuesque column shape, the (relatively) heavy fabric, and the lack of jeweled adornments, everything about this look is gorgeous. The headband is the modern equivalent to Audrey's Breakfast at Tiffany's tiara. I mean, it's black and it's not totally boring! or overtly sexy! Looks this effortless make me wonder how celebrities ever manage to screw it up so badly.

BONUS: If you watch Love Actually, then you'll notice that January Jones is one of the hot American girls that the limey Brit meets at the bar in Milwaukee. "We're so poor we only have one bed...." "And we can't even afford pajamas..." (or something to that effect) Yeah, I didn't remember that part either.

And Emily Blunt. I don't know who she is (for shame--was she the other bitchy one in The Devil Wears Prada??). The pink is an absolute dream. Her arms are a little too tan for her face and it's the dead of winter, but hey, she still looks lovely.

Emily wears Dolce and Gabbana. PHOTO
That's just her fiance Jim. John. Whatever. TV confuses me.


This warm weather has me feeling spring feverish. Symptoms: I could not possibly resist this 3 pack of sweet anklets from the guys at JCrewsy.

Normally I would not willingly shell out so much for a couple of nylon stockinged feet (24.50/3 pair), but the colors of these are just so insane in the brain perfect. Soft coral pink, marigold honey, and cinnamon spice--how great are they going to look next to my pumpkin platforms and those denim shorts I always wear?

They're so Miu Miu I could hurl.



How do I love thee? Let me count the ways--

Bat wings

Bishop sleeves

Cosby sweaterishness


1. Vintage sweater (thrifted) $5, American Eagle shorts $39.50, Natural Comfort platforms $20



One of my 2010 resolutions is to "make more stuff" --especially of the edible variety. My mom is actually a great cook, but I spent my formative cooking years away at school essentially finding creative ways to not cook.
(mac 'n cheese...pasta with sauce...and um... salad?)

So I was pleased as punch that my new boss remarked at "how domestic I am" when I brought in this batch of pretty peppermint bark for all my work homies.

I made a double boiler out of two pots and somehow managed to not burn the chocolate, which is pretty awesome considering how quickly the stuff melts and how tricky my boiling set up was.

Tonight I am attempting vegetarian chili. Wish me luck!



I've never given much thought to coats before moving to the snow globe that is NYC, but during this "feels like -1" weather, it's been the only thing on my mind. Yesterday I finally broke down and got one of these things, and let me tell you, it's pretty much the warmest thing since sliced bread.

I do like that it is navy with a bit of sheen (as opposed to matte black) and has an interesting "puff" pattern. Details, details details = $, $, $. But secret...! it's a FUBU kids jacket I got for 8 bucks at the corner Salvation Army. After plucking off a few dastardly crystals (ew 1999 Britney), I bet no one can tell.

Now I'm all EFF YEW winter, I'll wear what I want. I'LL EVEN WEAR SHORTS. HA.


anddddd..ddd...d..d... the best part is that I can totally do the happy penguin dance.

(flap flap flap your arms at your sides)

1. Navy Fubu Puffer 2. Ann Taylor Silk Blouse 3. Black v-neck from Ross 5 years ago 4. Vintage menswear stripe shorts (thrifted) 5. UO black stirrup/ballet leggings 6. Vintage Bass white oxfords (thrifted)



Happy 2010!

We started off low-key at Ontario bar, ringing in the new year to Das Racist's Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, which was pretty much our jam for 2009. I nabbed a new year's crown, black ostrich feather and gold kazoo, and then decided I was ready to head to The Woods for some serious dancing UNTIL 5 AM PEOPLE. You probably remember me as the girl with the balloon tied around my wrist.

Now on to those resolutions...