One of my 2010 resolutions is to "make more stuff" --especially of the edible variety. My mom is actually a great cook, but I spent my formative cooking years away at school essentially finding creative ways to not cook.
(mac 'n cheese...pasta with sauce...and um... salad?)

So I was pleased as punch that my new boss remarked at "how domestic I am" when I brought in this batch of pretty peppermint bark for all my work homies.

I made a double boiler out of two pots and somehow managed to not burn the chocolate, which is pretty awesome considering how quickly the stuff melts and how tricky my boiling set up was.

Tonight I am attempting vegetarian chili. Wish me luck!

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  1. Let me know how the veggie chili went...Mine always come out a little bland...But next time I'll think I'll add salsa.


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