Brace yourselves, kids, this one is image heavy and wanders everywhere my mind goes.

I think I found the two best jobs in the world. Zoe Bradley is a British sculptural artist who makes amazing things out of luxury paper for window installations, exhibitions, advertisements, whatever. Origami schmoragami.

And this is the work of fashion illustrator Danny Roberts, who is, hellooooo, only 23.

When asked who is greatest inspirations were, he mentioned two artists—Aubrey Beardsley and Egon Schiele. It was then that I knew it had to be LOVE, love, love. Beardsley is basically this badass from the Victorian era who made risqué illustrations. His control of negative space is divine. The funny thing is that I always confuse him with Ambrose Bierce. He's the guy that wrote The Devil's Dictionary. Same time period, same initials. Of cats Bierce wrote: A soft indestructible automaton provided by Nature to be kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle. Of philosophy: a route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.
And Schiele is pretty much my favorite artist ever. Remember the original Ashford Gets Dressed banner? It looked a little something like this.

That’s Schiele for you. I like to pretend that’s me under the patchwork quilt rubbing my orange-stockinged feet together somewhere around the turn of the century, somewhere in Schiele's life.

And these are two of my favorites:

Green + yellow, silk thigh-highs, and an extreme composition = brilliant. Schiele is sort of my reason for living. No one or thing inspires me more. (Not even Karl Lagerfeld.)

You can find Zoe Bradley and her paper concoctions peppered throughout the internet, but especially here. Then check out Danny's illustrations.

Adoration overloadz



So I found this really badass site that lets you make "sets" like the one above. Try not to make fun of it too hard because it's only my first one. Anywho, as you may have guessed I'm all about some fringe and feathers this season. But you don't have to take my word for it; fringe + feathers made it to Bazaar's "in" list. And you KNOW those lists are like the handbook of the fashion police. It's a good thing too because TRS says I gotta dress up for Wednesday's special Thanksgiving edition of VELCRO at the Spanish Moon. Indians will be cutting up some pilgrims so choose your friends wisely.

Just put some feathers in your hair and let's go already.
I hate pictures of myself.
but I lurve this cozy white v-neck.



So I used to be kind of embarrassed that my fashion idols consisted of the barely-of-age skeletwins Mary Kate and Ashley. Now I've got to get in the confessional booth with something even more blush worthy to tell. New fashion icon = 12 year old blogger Tavi. Lovely little vignettes take me back to middle school days when the genuinely cool kids had no idea about anyone else's existence, doing their own thang like a mountain dew. Add unbelievable sophistication, a spew of spontaneous internet-age lingo (she will lolspeak u undr teh tablez), and an amazing at-home banged and bobbed haircut and petit little Tavi will win your heart. And not just because she's so darn cute, but because she actually knows what's up. I've read a lot of turdy blogs in my day, especially fashionable ones, and hers is the chocolate to my soymilk (soon to be rice milk?). Seriously, she's so brilliant I almost don't even want to give you the link to her blog.

as long as you promise to still love me afterwards



good reads.

One of these so I don't have to take a bitch down with my cadillac cruiser.

Two pairs of these so I can customize one pair and still have a pair that I didn't eF up.

I'm thinking green is the new black. Or black is still black. Whatever you think is more "in."

i you.



Since WWD broke the news officially, oh i don't know maybe a week or so ago, let me be the second to let the cat out of the bag. Plus i know you fools don't have a scrip to WWD because let's face it, it's too expensive even with your student discount.

England's edgy avant-garde darling Alexander McQueen is doing a line for Target. No, it's not GO International. That label is saved for up-and-coming-you-might-not-know-who-this-is-let's-hype-this-guy designers. This is yet another brilliant idea brought to you by Target in an effort to bring high fashion at low prices to the fashionably conscious masses. The so-called Designer Collaborations will feature established (read: BIG name) designers for limited edition collections. McQueen's unveiling is set for March 2009.

Unlike McQueen's runway shows, the Target line should be totally affordable AND wearable (The show pictured above is his 'Ready-to-Wear' line). Price points have yet to be set, but word is that the styles will give a nod to the punk aesthetic. Studs, mesh, and zippers will be involved, but hopefully it won't be as tacky as it sounds. Color palette runs the range of neutrals from grays, tans, black and white with pops of cobalt and pink. Apparently the collection is inspired by The Duke Spirit's Leila Moss, with at least two tees dedicated to the band. I do like The Step and the Walk.

They used to play this song at American Eagle when I worked there. Don't you think with cheekbones like that Leila Moss could be Kate Moss's long-lost ugly cousin, minus the ugly part?



For all you haters who think fashion is dumb/superficial/a waste of time, take a peek at the artful masterpieces presented in this video. Watch as organic shapes twist and fold into clothing that begins to breathe with life. Your smile will grow larger as the end grows nearer.
Don't worry, it's not spam and I don't know how to phish.
Thanks to J.R. for sending me the link.



turns out Michelle's dress is Narciso Rodriguez.


Yeahhhhh... MY president has that sexy family. And that's what really matters. Seriously, who wouldn't love this bunch?

So Michelle's dress last night was kind of strange, and the small gathering of friends watching the election coverage with me seemed to agree. I'm not all against it, I just think there is something wrong with the fit. The crossover part needs to be tighter or something. It needs a purpose. Yeah, then it'd be hot. I'd love to know who made it. Apparently it's not the one that Maria Pinto, fave local designer of the new first lady, had in mind. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I'm sure there will be plenty of bashing.

Inaugural dresses of the first lady have a history of making a scene. They also tend to boost the names of their designers. We'll see if Maria Pinto's phone will be ringing off the hook come January.

Jackie O was the first First Lady whose name became synonymous with style. Her go-to guy was Oleg Cassini, a designer whose name has all but faded from the modern fashionista's lips. However, brides may be familiar with Mr. Oleg since he's got his name licensed out on the virginal white gowns. Or if you know about vintage, this guy is definitely where it's at. Disco Fever for reals.

Hilary was bashed for her purple encrusted Sarah Phillips gown she wore for Bill's first inauguration, so she stuck to the classics the second time around --Oscar de la Renta.

Rosalynn Carter, however, is probably known for having made the greatest faux pas. She decided to start a tradition by wearing the same gown that she wore to her husband's gubernatorial inauguration 6 years EARLIER. I mean, this thing is to' up from the flo' up to begin with. Ok maybe it's not that bad for 1971. Actually, it's right on point. But for 1977, puhhleassse. America was almost new wave by then.

Can't wait to see what Michelle chooses. Can't wait for January 20th in general.



It's not fashion, but whatever. Mos Def holds a tiny space in my heart. Remember when he was in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? He was in Be Kind Rewind too, which is actually a good movie. It's all surreal and then heartwarming-- love Michel Gondry even if he's not a woman like J thought he was.

I got the clip from Courtney over at www.thedopegame.com. Check her out. She's got nice threads for you.

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