that Karen Elson looks UH-mazing.

h & m


Kind of making me rethink my anti-red hair plans.



BIG BIG HUGS to Jane Keltner, fashion news editor at Teen Vogue, who has the awesome skill of reading my mind. In a brief one page manifesto in the Dec/Jan issue, she offers an informed and pleasant critique of what she (and now I) dubs THE BALMAINETTES.

photo 1, photo 2, photo 3

You know them, you love them, you loathe them. Copycats clothed in black minis, serious shooties, and rockstar attitude, it's the night time version of the "model off-duty" look. And quite frankly, I am so bored. Not all of us want a badass uniform.

Give me something fresh, individualistic and smidge more subtle, so that, you know, I can feel something. Or think something.

Oh Jane, it feels good to know that I am not alone.



I'm just gonna go ahead and declare this my brunch dress.
I always seem to end up there.

Once I had a sister day with Rachel. We went to Lodge where I had biscuits with veggie sausage and gravy and Rachel had some sort of grits and pork thing (ew). We differ on matters both fashion and food.

I went as Miu Miu with seagull prints and platforms.

Rachel was Ralph Lauren Pocahontas + 90s baby backpack.

Another day I had unexpected brunch with Ben and his old roommate who designs textile prints for OshKoshB'gosh (how awesome is that?!).

These mustard tights make my life.

We went to Anima where I had a frittata with goat cheese and fresh veggies and the bartender treated us to a round of "morning shots," aka chocolate cakes? I'm not sure, I think they were vodka.

1. Urban Outfitters zipper seagull dress, borrowed scarf, Ross v neck sweater, Natural Comfort platforms
2. Urban Outfitters zipper seagull dress, borrowed necklace, Gap wool cardi, HUE tights, Natural Comfort platforms



Lemme just say that it is snowing like crazy here in NYC. Since I hail from the sunny (and warm) south, I pretty much count this as my first real snow!

I love how it glitters. SNOW.IS. AMAZING.

During hibernation house cleaning today, I found this bit of inspiration I pulled from PAPER magazine a couple of months ago.


The scroll-iness is sort of art nouveau-y (and honestly, who doesn't love art nouveau?), but there is something more rigid and art deco-y going on too. Does this mean it is really arts and crafts? Art history majors, please give me your expert opinions.

The green is much more intense than my non-flash picture allows, which is an apt choice. The green bottle is unmistakeably identified to the bubbly stuff. That and my grandmother's house, where bottles and bottles were stored under an antique pie safe.

As is the case with inspirations, I am now on the hunt for Perrier.



I just crush a lot. Like, a lot A LOT. Current objets de resistance:

1. Tangerine Lips. A pop of spicy orange against winter skin and a sea of black puffers is so inviting.
2. Chocolate covered pretzels. YUM.
3. Velvet! For being 17th century extravagant!
4. Chanel style jacket. It's a classic duh, but I especially like it when it's all cool and casual with a white Hanes tee and ex boyfriend jeans.
5. Paul Dano. You interest me.

6. Forest green. Once a loathsome shade, it's now on my list of must-have non-neutral neutrals.
7. (Faux) Fur. Now with stripeys!
8. Red tights. Go with me on this.

9. Stripes. Thin and 70s, mix them together. I grow tired of electric buffalo plaids.

10. Denim shirts, denim skirts, denim everything! I've been a lover since Day One. Annnnnnd, style.com is catching on too.



It's a surprisingly warm and sunny day in Brooklyn. So much so that I had to lose my scarf!


In a few minutes I'll be heading to an orphan Thanksgiving at Matt's house.
I'm bringing the blueberry crisp and booze.

Things to be thankful for: having the day off, the brilliant sun, tights as pants (in my house!), hot chocolate & cinnamon, my faithful readers, fashion epiphanies, hometown visitors, and my new job. Last but not least, I'd like to thank FACEBOOK CHAT, without which NY would be a much lonelier place.

navy lace tank F21; knit cardi UrbanOutfitters; plaid scarf Thrifted; black mini Thrifted Old Navy; jazz booties Nine West



It's funny how a new reference can totally change your view on an old piece. I thrifted this XXL shirt a while ago, but never got around to wearing it because the collar fell open a little too widely.

Securing the offensive collar with a safety pin took it from sleazy 70s to quirky ingenue. The inspiration, of course, was Miu Miu Spring 2010. There is even a stripe of smocking across the top!

(Raybans make one look cooler than one is.)

The zany dots are kind of Marc by Marc Jacobsy.

Rayban sunglasses, Gap cardi, vintage SHIRT as DRESS, Urban Outfitters necklace, vintage boots



I had the awesome responsibility of closing at work last night, so I wasn't too thrilled about Halloween this year, even though it is my favorite holiday (costumes + chocolate, plz and thx). About an hour before work I realized that my original costume idea (a frumpy librarian) was not going to work out, so I threw together these cat (slightly bat) ears, donned all black, and decided to call myself a magic cat, which, dare I say, is better than a regular cat.

With everyone attempting to have the sexiest/most original/ironic costume, getting back to the basics seemed fresh again. Last year, I was Daria.

What do you think? What was your Halloween costume this year?



There's nothing like a good Miu Miu show to give one the proverbial kick in the pants. In May I pretended like I would be resurrecting in September, but with travel plans, moving to a new place, and a month long computer crash, the end of October came sooner than expected. What happened to summer?

The oversized pointy collars and billowy bishop sleeves throwback to the early 70s/Miu Miu's uh-mazing harlequin theater collection circa Spring 2008 (still crushing on it). The sweet printed skirts are ever so slightly lolita (which, incidentally, I am reading right now).

^^jewel encrustations for the win^^

While some of the cut-outs and proportions weren't so easy to grasp, in general, I die. Like lit-er-all-y, I DIE.

seriously dead.

P.S. Dress sexy at my funeral.
P.P.S. Bury me in Miu Miu.

images via Style



I won't flatter myself and think that you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats for this post, but it has been a while and I suppose an explanation is necessary. Yes there were finals to take and students' papers to grade (84 of them to be exact), but mostly there was moving across the country with 2 weeks notification to get a handle on. The ebay post was your first clue.

By the time you read this I'll already be settling into NYC life. Remember that SUPER IMPORTANT interview I had a month ago with a SUPER IMPORTANT fashion magazine? Well, I got the gig. And it is BEYOND AWESOME. So epic, unbelievable and wonderful. I am so very grateful and so very lucky. NYC bloggers, let's hang this summer.

And now for the sad news. I have decided that Ashford Gets Dressed will be taking a break. My hours are long and I'm under a strict confidentiality contract at my internship so it would be best if I don't publish at all. I want to let you all know that I still keep up with your blogs (constant inspiration!) and will remain a part of the community. Fingers crossed, AGD will be resurrected at the end of my internship.

To my blog friends, real friends, and those who became both --lots of love and luck this summer.
See you in September.



On my way to becoming a Master today, I wore this:

secondhand Banana Republic silk dress, Antonio Melani studded tan t-straps

I don't know what happened to my left hand there, but it doesn't matter. It's Ms. Master of Philosophy to you now, thank you. I am ridiculously happy and relieved and ready to conquer the world. But first, celebrations!



Sorry for the absence--I have to finish the final draft of my thesis by Wednesday. AAAhhhhhhIIIIiii can't wait until it's over. Diplo and Firefly will be waiting for me come April 29. Have you all tried this sweet tea vodka nonsense? Beyond awesome.


There aren't many southern traditions I adhere to, but sweet tea is one of them. The other is crawfish boils. On Saturday I went to my first one of the season. There were 2 kiddie pools and several basins teeming with the creepy crawly guys--over 200 lbs! I'm a very picky eater so trust me when I tell you that these things are worth it. If you ever make it to Louisiana, you'll definitely want to try it. I'll even peel one for you! I promise we won't suck the heads because that's just gross. Other deliciously spicy edibles thrown into the boiling mix include corn on the cob (my personal fav), potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, etc. Oh, and here is what I wore:

Align Center
Tolani scarf, BDG stripe tee, Vintage Gloria Vanderbilt bag, American Eagle destroy shorts, Enigma bling bling sandals

Yep, that's my new Tolani scarf courtesy of Erika of Fashion Chalet and chickdowntown.com. So luxe! So chic! Love!

SSSSSSsssssssss watch out for my sssnakes! And sssscary toes! ha. I make myself laugh.

I love the zigzaggy North African/Tunisian vibe of the knit. Plus it's reallllly cozy. Definitely putting it in heavy wardrobe rotation. Thanks again, loves!



A couple months ago, I introduced you all to pretty much my favorite artist ever, Egon Schiele. Now it's time for round two: Paul Klee.

Fire in the Evening, 1929

I get very picky when it comes to abstract art, especially when it gets all cubist-y, mostly because geometric shapes completely offend me. I cannot tolerate a straight line. It's just so... unnatural! My aversion stems all the way back to my kindergarten years when cutting in a straight line was not my strong suit. (It's still not.) Right angles just feel blasphemous, no?

Fish Magic, 1925

I am reminded of the time when MattBry and I tried to paint together and it ended in a battle of opposing, underlying philosophical foundations on art and world that had hitherto remained buried. My attempt to blend his completely linear, harsh cityscape into the wild brush of the landscape I was working on was met with fire. Crazy. red-headed. fire.

Ghost of a Genius

But Paul Klee. When he's good, he's golden.
"Formerly we used to represent things visible on earth,' he wrote in 1920, 'things we either liked to look at or would have liked to see. Today we reveal the reality that is behind visible things, thus expressing the belief that the visible world is merely an isolated case in relation to the universe and that there are many more other, latent realities ..."

The Twittering Machine, 1920

How apropos.

In other news, I received my prize from chickdowntown.com that I won last week. Expect a fun fashion pfoto post next. Annnnnnnnnnnndddd... I finished the rough draft of my thesis. It's only 13,761 words, roughly 50 pages NBD.



Basically the best prints ever-- Basso & Brooke fall 2009.

save fabric, print your design

teal, orange, sunshine, aqua, mustard, gold

art nouveau fantastique