I'm just gonna go ahead and declare this my brunch dress.
I always seem to end up there.

Once I had a sister day with Rachel. We went to Lodge where I had biscuits with veggie sausage and gravy and Rachel had some sort of grits and pork thing (ew). We differ on matters both fashion and food.

I went as Miu Miu with seagull prints and platforms.

Rachel was Ralph Lauren Pocahontas + 90s baby backpack.

Another day I had unexpected brunch with Ben and his old roommate who designs textile prints for OshKoshB'gosh (how awesome is that?!).

These mustard tights make my life.

We went to Anima where I had a frittata with goat cheese and fresh veggies and the bartender treated us to a round of "morning shots," aka chocolate cakes? I'm not sure, I think they were vodka.

1. Urban Outfitters zipper seagull dress, borrowed scarf, Ross v neck sweater, Natural Comfort platforms
2. Urban Outfitters zipper seagull dress, borrowed necklace, Gap wool cardi, HUE tights, Natural Comfort platforms

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  1. after seeing your mustard tights, i know i will end up getting a pair...


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