I just crush a lot. Like, a lot A LOT. Current objets de resistance:

1. Tangerine Lips. A pop of spicy orange against winter skin and a sea of black puffers is so inviting.
2. Chocolate covered pretzels. YUM.
3. Velvet! For being 17th century extravagant!
4. Chanel style jacket. It's a classic duh, but I especially like it when it's all cool and casual with a white Hanes tee and ex boyfriend jeans.
5. Paul Dano. You interest me.

6. Forest green. Once a loathsome shade, it's now on my list of must-have non-neutral neutrals.
7. (Faux) Fur. Now with stripeys!
8. Red tights. Go with me on this.

9. Stripes. Thin and 70s, mix them together. I grow tired of electric buffalo plaids.

10. Denim shirts, denim skirts, denim everything! I've been a lover since Day One. Annnnnnd, style.com is catching on too.



It's a surprisingly warm and sunny day in Brooklyn. So much so that I had to lose my scarf!


In a few minutes I'll be heading to an orphan Thanksgiving at Matt's house.
I'm bringing the blueberry crisp and booze.

Things to be thankful for: having the day off, the brilliant sun, tights as pants (in my house!), hot chocolate & cinnamon, my faithful readers, fashion epiphanies, hometown visitors, and my new job. Last but not least, I'd like to thank FACEBOOK CHAT, without which NY would be a much lonelier place.

navy lace tank F21; knit cardi UrbanOutfitters; plaid scarf Thrifted; black mini Thrifted Old Navy; jazz booties Nine West



It's funny how a new reference can totally change your view on an old piece. I thrifted this XXL shirt a while ago, but never got around to wearing it because the collar fell open a little too widely.

Securing the offensive collar with a safety pin took it from sleazy 70s to quirky ingenue. The inspiration, of course, was Miu Miu Spring 2010. There is even a stripe of smocking across the top!

(Raybans make one look cooler than one is.)

The zany dots are kind of Marc by Marc Jacobsy.

Rayban sunglasses, Gap cardi, vintage SHIRT as DRESS, Urban Outfitters necklace, vintage boots



I had the awesome responsibility of closing at work last night, so I wasn't too thrilled about Halloween this year, even though it is my favorite holiday (costumes + chocolate, plz and thx). About an hour before work I realized that my original costume idea (a frumpy librarian) was not going to work out, so I threw together these cat (slightly bat) ears, donned all black, and decided to call myself a magic cat, which, dare I say, is better than a regular cat.

With everyone attempting to have the sexiest/most original/ironic costume, getting back to the basics seemed fresh again. Last year, I was Daria.

What do you think? What was your Halloween costume this year?