So I've been totally in love with Beck's recent look. I think it's inspired by another one of my favorite mavericks: Oscar Wilde.

Uncanny, right? My costume history course tells me that this is "aesthetic dress" and that Oscar Wilde is credited with having proclaimed that it is the most artistic form of dress possible. Wilde might have been gay, but Beck is just hot and I don't normally go for blondes.

Check out his new video because it's pretty cool if you like 60s psychedelic vaudevillian acid trips. or fringe. If you like fringe, you need to see this.
Beck - Gamma Ray

This video reminds me of how I always wanted to grow up and be in the circus. I thought I could be the contortionist. I know, f'ing weird. But if cirque-du-soleil called me, I would totally run away with the circus carnies. I also want to befriend the elephants. They've got soul.

If you look closely that really hot girl is Chloe Sevigny.



Election season is here, and it's time to take sides on the important issues. This time we're tackling the leggings debate. If you've got the legs, then leggings are pants. If you don't, then they ain't. It's a double standard, I know, but some of us need to learn that you can't look good in everything. Not even supermodels can put on whatever is lying around and look fabulous-- that's why there are hours upon hours of fittings for a 20 minute fashion show. Yep, clothes are kind of a big deal.

American Apparel has perfected the art for $30-40:
You can't talk about leggings without mentioning their queen bee, everyone's favorite drug-addict/problem child/summer lesbian/singer/actress:I mean the girl has her own line of leggings, which, by the way, is super tacky. Love Lindsay, hate red + leopard print. Ew.

Another Queen B weighed in on the issue last week. Miss Blair bitch slapped a freshie for her tights-as-pants faux pas. And if by tights we mean pantyhose, then I whole-heartedly agree. Sheer nylons certainly aren't appropriate on their own. But if we're talking about a cotton blend then like, they totally are. Sorry B, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree. Oh and sorry about Chuck. That was some bullshit.




Blame it on the strawberry-blonde-bordering-on-brown hair I've been rocking since the summer, but I just can't get enough clothing made of sugary sweet ice cream colors like mint and peach. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like for oh i don't know --the past decade-- it's been hard for me to come across fashion in the appropriate hues for my hair/skin. Besides the fact that "modern" color palettes get worn out before they were ever even cool (thanks charlotte russe), lack of fresh color selection always brings me down. How is that the l-a-m-e-s-t colors (think baby pink, baby blue, white) have persisted in mainstream fashion for so long? It's like here I am trying to spend my hard-earned money at your store in an effort to bump up my ever-evolving wardrobe (I can't help it, I get so inspired by new ideas), but I can't find one item that's going to meet my palette needs. I'm really not trying to be a downer, but somehow I always end up with the black, navy, or brown version of everthing. I suppose I could go to higher end fashion, but who's got a money tree in their backyard? All I've got in mine are dog turds.

Anyway, enough rant. I'm all about the positive here -- I just needed you guys to know where I'm coming from. I've taken a small peek at Spring 2009 ready to wear, and I've got some good news to report. Colors are like, soooo FRESH. praise jesus!DKNY's runways were dotted with the fuzzy fruit's hue, including peach converse-style sneaks for men.Marc Jacobs rounded out his collection with creamy, lickable frocks.

And Patrick Robinson's first spring line for Gap fully embraced the dreamsicle. I must admit, I wasn't too excited about his Go International collection for Target last year (his was probably the only installation I don't own a piece from), but I'll gladly eat my words as long as their atop these deliciously soft drawsting pants that come in a wide array of frothy colors.

Take a tip from the above and pair your ice cream pastels with the lightest neutrals you can find -khakis, grays, and nudes. Now that's something to scream about.

check out all the shows at style.com.



So the menswear for women trends--ties, vests, plaids, and the like--have been going on strong for a while now, but it's these oversize blazers with the sleeves scrunched up that I can't get enough of. Scrunching the sleeves is very important for the look. Avoid shoulder pads. That's also very important.

The Sartorialist reported that they were all over fashion week. Thanks for the photo: www.thesartorialist.com

I like 'em on boys too. Girls share with your boys, and boys you do the same. Beautiful.

(photo: trovata 2006, style.com)

Normally menswear inpsired trends can be attributed to the influence of powerful women or women's movements in general -- think Bloomers of the mid 1800s, suffragists of the early 20th century, women's lib of the 70s, and the extreme power suits of the 1980s working woman. Since Hilary has dropped out, to whom do we owe the current trend? Mizz Sarah Palin is right. Congratulations, hun.

fashion icon and would-be VP

I'm about as serious as a cheap pair of red sandals worn with a somber black skirt-suit. Real classy.