Election season is here, and it's time to take sides on the important issues. This time we're tackling the leggings debate. If you've got the legs, then leggings are pants. If you don't, then they ain't. It's a double standard, I know, but some of us need to learn that you can't look good in everything. Not even supermodels can put on whatever is lying around and look fabulous-- that's why there are hours upon hours of fittings for a 20 minute fashion show. Yep, clothes are kind of a big deal.

American Apparel has perfected the art for $30-40:
You can't talk about leggings without mentioning their queen bee, everyone's favorite drug-addict/problem child/summer lesbian/singer/actress:I mean the girl has her own line of leggings, which, by the way, is super tacky. Love Lindsay, hate red + leopard print. Ew.

Another Queen B weighed in on the issue last week. Miss Blair bitch slapped a freshie for her tights-as-pants faux pas. And if by tights we mean pantyhose, then I whole-heartedly agree. Sheer nylons certainly aren't appropriate on their own. But if we're talking about a cotton blend then like, they totally are. Sorry B, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree. Oh and sorry about Chuck. That was some bullshit.



  1. If someone has to wonder whether or not they should wear leggings, then they really shouldn't. I dont touch them with a 50 foot pole myself, this is at my own discretion since i have seen MANY "oh no she didnt!!!" in my day?

  2. I wear leggings as pants 95% of the time b/c I kinda despise pants for their pantsness. Then again I wear tights as pants sometimes a la Edie Sedgwick so my vote doesn't count.


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