So I've been totally in love with Beck's recent look. I think it's inspired by another one of my favorite mavericks: Oscar Wilde.

Uncanny, right? My costume history course tells me that this is "aesthetic dress" and that Oscar Wilde is credited with having proclaimed that it is the most artistic form of dress possible. Wilde might have been gay, but Beck is just hot and I don't normally go for blondes.

Check out his new video because it's pretty cool if you like 60s psychedelic vaudevillian acid trips. or fringe. If you like fringe, you need to see this.
Beck - Gamma Ray

This video reminds me of how I always wanted to grow up and be in the circus. I thought I could be the contortionist. I know, f'ing weird. But if cirque-du-soleil called me, I would totally run away with the circus carnies. I also want to befriend the elephants. They've got soul.

If you look closely that really hot girl is Chloe Sevigny.

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  1. The top hat style IS totally hot, in like a dark Johnny Depp, Edgar Allen Poe way. love it!


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