On my way to becoming a Master today, I wore this:

secondhand Banana Republic silk dress, Antonio Melani studded tan t-straps

I don't know what happened to my left hand there, but it doesn't matter. It's Ms. Master of Philosophy to you now, thank you. I am ridiculously happy and relieved and ready to conquer the world. But first, celebrations!



Sorry for the absence--I have to finish the final draft of my thesis by Wednesday. AAAhhhhhhIIIIiii can't wait until it's over. Diplo and Firefly will be waiting for me come April 29. Have you all tried this sweet tea vodka nonsense? Beyond awesome.


There aren't many southern traditions I adhere to, but sweet tea is one of them. The other is crawfish boils. On Saturday I went to my first one of the season. There were 2 kiddie pools and several basins teeming with the creepy crawly guys--over 200 lbs! I'm a very picky eater so trust me when I tell you that these things are worth it. If you ever make it to Louisiana, you'll definitely want to try it. I'll even peel one for you! I promise we won't suck the heads because that's just gross. Other deliciously spicy edibles thrown into the boiling mix include corn on the cob (my personal fav), potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, etc. Oh, and here is what I wore:

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Tolani scarf, BDG stripe tee, Vintage Gloria Vanderbilt bag, American Eagle destroy shorts, Enigma bling bling sandals

Yep, that's my new Tolani scarf courtesy of Erika of Fashion Chalet and chickdowntown.com. So luxe! So chic! Love!

SSSSSSsssssssss watch out for my sssnakes! And sssscary toes! ha. I make myself laugh.

I love the zigzaggy North African/Tunisian vibe of the knit. Plus it's reallllly cozy. Definitely putting it in heavy wardrobe rotation. Thanks again, loves!



A couple months ago, I introduced you all to pretty much my favorite artist ever, Egon Schiele. Now it's time for round two: Paul Klee.

Fire in the Evening, 1929

I get very picky when it comes to abstract art, especially when it gets all cubist-y, mostly because geometric shapes completely offend me. I cannot tolerate a straight line. It's just so... unnatural! My aversion stems all the way back to my kindergarten years when cutting in a straight line was not my strong suit. (It's still not.) Right angles just feel blasphemous, no?

Fish Magic, 1925

I am reminded of the time when MattBry and I tried to paint together and it ended in a battle of opposing, underlying philosophical foundations on art and world that had hitherto remained buried. My attempt to blend his completely linear, harsh cityscape into the wild brush of the landscape I was working on was met with fire. Crazy. red-headed. fire.

Ghost of a Genius

But Paul Klee. When he's good, he's golden.
"Formerly we used to represent things visible on earth,' he wrote in 1920, 'things we either liked to look at or would have liked to see. Today we reveal the reality that is behind visible things, thus expressing the belief that the visible world is merely an isolated case in relation to the universe and that there are many more other, latent realities ..."

The Twittering Machine, 1920

How apropos.

In other news, I received my prize from chickdowntown.com that I won last week. Expect a fun fashion pfoto post next. Annnnnnnnnnnndddd... I finished the rough draft of my thesis. It's only 13,761 words, roughly 50 pages NBD.



Basically the best prints ever-- Basso & Brooke fall 2009.

save fabric, print your design

teal, orange, sunshine, aqua, mustard, gold

art nouveau fantastique



I woke up this morning bummed about a full day of thesis writing ahead, and then I watched this.

I've got a golden ticket! Yes, I've got a golden ticket!
Special thanks to Erika from Fashion Chalet and Chickdowntown. I can't wait to get it in the mail and experiment. Expect a photo post soon!



Tuesday was a BIG IMPORTANT DAY for me. I had an interview for an internship with a BIG MAGAZINE who shall remain nameless. HUGE. SO HUGE. I think it went okay, but I don't think I'll get the position. Not that I'm not qualified, I just normally have a feeling about these things and I'm not getting the right vibes. Universe, help me!

Hah, I'm totally nuts right now. Need sleep. A glass of wine. Reverse that. Anywho, I ran home from a rainy school day in just enough time to throw this on for my interview. Even over the phone you need to look sort of presentable. Fashion people can smell bad taste. Secret.

I decided that the whole thing was vaguely and unintentionally Marc Jacobs-y spring 09: Textured knits, a little bit of sparkle and shades of blue. All I need is a little straw boater hat and insane in the membrane heels.

photo from style.com
I think I'll try tucking in the cardi next time, a la Marc.

Check out the faux tan editing photos can give you. Faux tans are the new fake tans. IRL, ghost:

Xhiliration sparkle cardi, Jia Hua cropped polka dot tank, Gap thin gold belt, 80s Leger cobalt skirt, Steve Madden Mary Janes