Tuesday was a BIG IMPORTANT DAY for me. I had an interview for an internship with a BIG MAGAZINE who shall remain nameless. HUGE. SO HUGE. I think it went okay, but I don't think I'll get the position. Not that I'm not qualified, I just normally have a feeling about these things and I'm not getting the right vibes. Universe, help me!

Hah, I'm totally nuts right now. Need sleep. A glass of wine. Reverse that. Anywho, I ran home from a rainy school day in just enough time to throw this on for my interview. Even over the phone you need to look sort of presentable. Fashion people can smell bad taste. Secret.

I decided that the whole thing was vaguely and unintentionally Marc Jacobs-y spring 09: Textured knits, a little bit of sparkle and shades of blue. All I need is a little straw boater hat and insane in the membrane heels.

photo from style.com
I think I'll try tucking in the cardi next time, a la Marc.

Check out the faux tan editing photos can give you. Faux tans are the new fake tans. IRL, ghost:

Xhiliration sparkle cardi, Jia Hua cropped polka dot tank, Gap thin gold belt, 80s Leger cobalt skirt, Steve Madden Mary Janes


  1. That outfit is adorable!
    and did you cut your hair? haha good choice, I just cute my hair about that length too!

    <3 the girl.

  2. You look fab! Congrats on your interview! I love how you took Marc's over-the-top ensemble and made it your own. I have added you to my roll. Add me as well?


  3. Good luck with that schnizz. I wish I could be writing for a living again...that feeling of going out and making the money, instead of letting the money come to you.


  4. Beautiful faux tan ;) Well I think you looked great for your phone interview, good luck!

  5. blue and red= perfect!

    you look pretty and i love that big red polka dot bow!

  6. Hey lady! You always look so cute. Hope the interview went well...Fashion people can smell bad taste over the phone trust me. LOL

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