So the menswear for women trends--ties, vests, plaids, and the like--have been going on strong for a while now, but it's these oversize blazers with the sleeves scrunched up that I can't get enough of. Scrunching the sleeves is very important for the look. Avoid shoulder pads. That's also very important.

The Sartorialist reported that they were all over fashion week. Thanks for the photo: www.thesartorialist.com

I like 'em on boys too. Girls share with your boys, and boys you do the same. Beautiful.

(photo: trovata 2006, style.com)

Normally menswear inpsired trends can be attributed to the influence of powerful women or women's movements in general -- think Bloomers of the mid 1800s, suffragists of the early 20th century, women's lib of the 70s, and the extreme power suits of the 1980s working woman. Since Hilary has dropped out, to whom do we owe the current trend? Mizz Sarah Palin is right. Congratulations, hun.

fashion icon and would-be VP

I'm about as serious as a cheap pair of red sandals worn with a somber black skirt-suit. Real classy.

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