This past Saturday I took a trip down to Texas to celebrate my birthday at Austin City Limits. I listened to some good live tunes, drank bud light tallboys, and people-watched like a statue. Here's your ACL fashion report:

- guys and gals sporting headbands/bandannas around the forehead were ubiquitous (so much so that they now make Ashley C want to vomit)

- scarves were lacking (it was hot), but old school bandannas tied as neckerchiefs with the 2 ends in the front or pulled up over the nose and/or mouth bandit style were prevalent

- aviators and wayfarers still ruled the scene

- little rayon dresses (which I abhor) were the outfit of choice for too many girls

- cowboy boots and boots in general completed the look

- not as many cut-off jorts for boys as I would have liked

- a few hipsters rockin tight ass jeans in the boiling sun

- sling bags and messenger bags RULED

- girls wore bras
- some wore swimsuit tops or just swimsuits
- belly-baring tops in general seemed to have been revived

- american apparel
- some alternative apparel (official ACL tshirt I bought was printed on one)

- fedoras for both sexes

- and a lot of fashion disasters

MGMT was completely flooded, J Fogerty somehow got to sing all the CCR classics, I heard Conor Oberst was brilliant, Black Keys rocked out, Iron & Wine was just beautiful during the sunset, and Beck is a god. One guy said the crowd for Beck stretched all the way back to "the map" which was about half of the entire park. He opened with this one.

The hat, hair, and jacket are genius. Good times, good times.

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