Hurricanes & Gravy Trains

Excuse me if I'm late jumping on this gravy train, but Hurricane Gus really f'ed things up for a while. Anyway, I've got to give props where props are due even if they are late, so I'm handing out Best-in-Show award to Gucci for both Fall '08 and Resort '09 lines.

Not seen them yet? You must not be lugging around one of those 5lb (and up) fall fashion mags. Pick one up if you haven't already, and you are sure to find Gucci's "haute hippie" look. Normally I can't stand a hippie, but Gucci's version is edgy, dark, and sexy like rock n roll. It's as if Mary-Kate and Sienna ran off to Morocco to make a secret love child who is, without a doubt, totally badass.

Amen, Frida Giannini for reviving the Gucci brand. Plus, isn't she just so adorable?
check out the entire show at style.com

P.S I'm not really sure what a gravy train is and I'm pretty sure "props" are no longer given. Hurricane must've gone to my brain. <3 <3


  1. Gucci's Fall 08 was super hot. If I were anything close to rich I'd be all over it but alas my parents blew my trust fund on wasteful stuff like rent, lights, tution and whatnot.

  2. i want to get married in the 3rd outfit. i personify it.

    your blog make a me laugh


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