At 7 years old, I did not know how to match. I remember repeatedly asking my mom if these shorts matched this shirt or could I wear this dress with these shoes? Does aqua match with baby pink and light yellow? If the bottoms didn't come with a coordinating top, poor Ashford really didn't know how to get dressed.

I'm still not sure the whole matching thing ever caught on with me. I'm all about mixing patterns and colors (love love love (!) the clashing floral prints going on right now; see Dries van Noten for inspiration). As of late however, I've really been into matchy-matchy ensembles.
Even Paris Hilton can do it:

There is something just sooo darling about this look. It's like she woke up and decided to wear everything red in her closet. Okay probably not everything, but even HER NAILS MATCH HER PARFAIT.

And if her knickers are red too, then Paris is my new best friend.

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