Yeahhhhh... MY president has that sexy family. And that's what really matters. Seriously, who wouldn't love this bunch?

So Michelle's dress last night was kind of strange, and the small gathering of friends watching the election coverage with me seemed to agree. I'm not all against it, I just think there is something wrong with the fit. The crossover part needs to be tighter or something. It needs a purpose. Yeah, then it'd be hot. I'd love to know who made it. Apparently it's not the one that Maria Pinto, fave local designer of the new first lady, had in mind. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I'm sure there will be plenty of bashing.

Inaugural dresses of the first lady have a history of making a scene. They also tend to boost the names of their designers. We'll see if Maria Pinto's phone will be ringing off the hook come January.

Jackie O was the first First Lady whose name became synonymous with style. Her go-to guy was Oleg Cassini, a designer whose name has all but faded from the modern fashionista's lips. However, brides may be familiar with Mr. Oleg since he's got his name licensed out on the virginal white gowns. Or if you know about vintage, this guy is definitely where it's at. Disco Fever for reals.

Hilary was bashed for her purple encrusted Sarah Phillips gown she wore for Bill's first inauguration, so she stuck to the classics the second time around --Oscar de la Renta.

Rosalynn Carter, however, is probably known for having made the greatest faux pas. She decided to start a tradition by wearing the same gown that she wore to her husband's gubernatorial inauguration 6 years EARLIER. I mean, this thing is to' up from the flo' up to begin with. Ok maybe it's not that bad for 1971. Actually, it's right on point. But for 1977, puhhleassse. America was almost new wave by then.

Can't wait to see what Michelle chooses. Can't wait for January 20th in general.

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