So I used to be kind of embarrassed that my fashion idols consisted of the barely-of-age skeletwins Mary Kate and Ashley. Now I've got to get in the confessional booth with something even more blush worthy to tell. New fashion icon = 12 year old blogger Tavi. Lovely little vignettes take me back to middle school days when the genuinely cool kids had no idea about anyone else's existence, doing their own thang like a mountain dew. Add unbelievable sophistication, a spew of spontaneous internet-age lingo (she will lolspeak u undr teh tablez), and an amazing at-home banged and bobbed haircut and petit little Tavi will win your heart. And not just because she's so darn cute, but because she actually knows what's up. I've read a lot of turdy blogs in my day, especially fashionable ones, and hers is the chocolate to my soymilk (soon to be rice milk?). Seriously, she's so brilliant I almost don't even want to give you the link to her blog.

as long as you promise to still love me afterwards

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  1. Thank you so much Ashley! You're too sweet. And rice milk? Count me in XD


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