Since WWD broke the news officially, oh i don't know maybe a week or so ago, let me be the second to let the cat out of the bag. Plus i know you fools don't have a scrip to WWD because let's face it, it's too expensive even with your student discount.

England's edgy avant-garde darling Alexander McQueen is doing a line for Target. No, it's not GO International. That label is saved for up-and-coming-you-might-not-know-who-this-is-let's-hype-this-guy designers. This is yet another brilliant idea brought to you by Target in an effort to bring high fashion at low prices to the fashionably conscious masses. The so-called Designer Collaborations will feature established (read: BIG name) designers for limited edition collections. McQueen's unveiling is set for March 2009.

Unlike McQueen's runway shows, the Target line should be totally affordable AND wearable (The show pictured above is his 'Ready-to-Wear' line). Price points have yet to be set, but word is that the styles will give a nod to the punk aesthetic. Studs, mesh, and zippers will be involved, but hopefully it won't be as tacky as it sounds. Color palette runs the range of neutrals from grays, tans, black and white with pops of cobalt and pink. Apparently the collection is inspired by The Duke Spirit's Leila Moss, with at least two tees dedicated to the band. I do like The Step and the Walk.

They used to play this song at American Eagle when I worked there. Don't you think with cheekbones like that Leila Moss could be Kate Moss's long-lost ugly cousin, minus the ugly part?

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  1. And the duke spirit is playing at one eyed jack's next monday, for anyone who wants to see McQueen's "muse" up close and personal.


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