Can you remember the moment you first fell in love... with fashion? I do! I do! Way back in the 6th grade, it was the moody Amber Valletta for Prada ads that made a lasting impression. Suddenly my cartoon-ish drawings (I was always an artiste) became thoughtful mixtures of texture, design, and style. Eventually these drawings turned into "collections" (um yes I still have that notebook somewhere) featuring red bandeau tops over button downs, tuxedo pants, and 50s ball gowns with peter pan collars (my influences were eclectic OK) all with an anime-ish bent (cuz I was into that stuff) (and it was the 90s). Anywho, those Prada ads stayed tacked to my walls even through high school.

I give you my love affair, Prada, circa 1996-1997.

I couldn't find my favorite one--Amber is in a boat on a lake, wearing the daintiest of sheer slip dresses. OH IT IS SO GOOD.

To this day Prada and Miu Miu are still my number ones. Just look at these tangerine lips!

These sunglasses with their perfect amount of cat-eyedness and space-agehood, I MUST HAVE THEM. And pigtails. Obviously, I'm way into that.


Steven Meisel shot the campaign. He also did the Missoni ads I was ooh-ing and aw-ing over last season.

If Tavi has Rei, then I'll take Miuccia.


  1. Amazing photos!
    I like your blog! I'm following it!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Miu Miu is definitely one of my favorites. It wasn't an ad that got me into fashion, though. It was a lady, my mentor, Elvira Tripp. No further comment.

  3. agh, the things i would do to be in miucca prada's presence... crrazy.
    i think prada was one of the first few labels that helped me fall in love with fashion as well.
    fall/winter 2007, their shoes were fucking insanely beautiful

  4. ouu i love these photos ! orange lips are so in right now.

    xx lue

  5. Okay, so let's pretend I'm a fashion connoisseur, and I know a thing or two about fashion...

    My vice is Dolce and Gabbana, like, I would punch a lot of really nice people in the throat for a pair of Dolce underwear. But seriously, I’m pretty sure they grind up angels and rub them into the weave of the fabric. And this goes on my genitals.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    I wish I was daring enough to attempt to wear orange lipstick, but it would probably look silly on my very fair skin color. I wish I had tanner skin now!

    I like the second photo, her back is so pretty.

  6. Love love love the first few photos! Stunning photos!
    Great blog! I'm now following you so I hope you could stop by and follow me back :)
    Thanks for the comment!
    I really appreciate!
    hope you have a great day.
    Emma x



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