The small uproar over the Missoni collection I posted last week inspired me to make yet another Missoni post. Three times a charm or something. Behold, my collection of one:

A tiny slip of fabric that contains more scarf badassery than a stack of pancakes. Mm yummm.

It's a good thing to wear when you're expecting beer sprays, trashcans, and the possibility that 3 Israeli dudes will rub their balls on you in the holy name of rock 'n roll.

Missoni scarf (gift), vintage sequined top, American Eagle shorts, whatever tights, Nine West jazz booties (ebay)

I wore this to the Monotonix show last week so I could blend in with the cool kids. Sequined tops double as invisibility cloaks.

The dudes from Monotonix are so legit. They play on the floor, on tables, on banisters, wherever. They literally pick up their music makers and hop around in crazy shakin' Brownian motion. They even made it outside and down the street to the stop sign. The best part: the music never stops. NEVER.

Check it out about 2 1/2 minutes in. I really don't know how they do it.

If you are getting drunk and retarded, this show is amazing. If you aren't, it's mind blowing.


  1. oh man, this show was so amazing! but i def. wore my 5" lace ups w/ a spike heel. not exactly the best idea, and felt like a bitch for the feet i might've stepped on :/

  2. thank you soo much.
    mr. freddy loves having himself picture taken.
    i love that black sequined top you have.
    ey, i would love to exchange link with you.


  3. love the sequined top! fab outfit!

  4. Awesome outfit! sequined top is amazing!

  5. that outfit is amazing
    i love sequins!

  6. ha, its so funny that that amazing top never sold....

    i guess they needed a cute picture like the first one attached to it ; )

  7. cute outfit!

    glad you found my blog! i was waiting for someone to comment on the swiffer!

    keep in touch!



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