I know I said I'll be disappearing, and I am, I swear, but this is sooooo much better than thesisizing right now. I had a sad moment earlier so I need to cheer myself up.

Yesterday I went to a barbecue to celebrate my friend passing her thesis. She is already finished and I am just starting. 2800 words out of 15,000. No biggie. But seriously, congrats Marijo!

At first I tried to wear tights and my Annie Hall hat:

But then I decided it was too hot to actually wear the tights/hat combo.

Vintage hat (thrifted), Alternative Apparel tee, Vintage braided leather belt (thrifted), second hand Old Navy skirt, Hue tights, J Crew wedges (thrifted)

I'm sort of obsessed with those shoes I have on. I found them thrifting about a month ago. I call them my ballerina shoes because from dead-on it looks like I'm toe-pointing the whole time. I'm not sure if it's the ankle ties or the angle of the heel or both. Either way I love them because they are cute and super comfortable!

In other news, I'm really starting to get irritated that my little heart guy that distinguishes my page (the FAVICON as they call it) keeps disappearing. It shows up as a blank page when my link is broken or now the blogger symbol again?! Woe is me. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know a *good* host for .ico files?

You may now return to whatever cool thing it is that you were doing.


  1. this is too cute. i loove the skirt.

  2. i love the plaid skirt on you.


  3. great outfit.. loveeee the skirt and belt!!


  4. love your outfit especially that its mainly thrifted

  5. your so lucky that you can ot wear tights over there, i'm still freezing.


  6. lovely skirt, ashford. truly.
    its wonderful and reminds me of the checked ones in green as well! that prada put out last season. great!

    andrea oxoxx
    Life In Technicolor.

  7. Another Louisiana girl! Nice :)


  8. thanked you soo much.
    mr. freddy thanked you for the lovely comments.


  9. cute outfit! That's for swinging by my blog. Kylie Minogue is totally for real, my Hipster blog is not entirely representative of my personal opinions. You'll have to read The Humming Wires for that were Kylie is supreme!

  10. that outfit is so cute it looks like something from an old fashioned magazine spread. lovely skirt.

  11. i love that outfit soo much!
    it makes me think of spring so much, i wish i had the height to wear a long skirt like that.


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