There are two types of fashionistas on this planet: those who like to see, and those who like to be scene. And although I've always considered myself a part of the former, I realized that my favorite blogs feature the lovely author displaying artfully posed ensembles in her mundane bedroom. So I ordered a fancy digital camera that isn't quite fancy enough to make me look like I know what I am doing, but it is enough for me to claim entrance into the 21st century. Awkwardly posed pictures of me in my vintage abode (harvest gold and avocado and poppy orange!) or the square patch of grass called a backyard are forthcoming. Or maybe I'll take them in the laundry room cottage. I'll brave the hazards of angry wasps and poop and lonely socks for fashion.

Since I'm not one to be scene, I would love for some of y'all to come to come over and play dress up sometime. Or maybe I'll come to you. Depends on how big your closet is.

Ah, slowly filling my life up with up-to-date technologyz.

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