"It" bags are out, and "it" shoes rule. What are "it" shoes? Peep these Rodarte heels to find out.
I forgot who did the blue ones (damn), but the gold ones are by Christian Louboutin (see the hint of red sole at the heel?). I really love walking around barefoot, but if shoes like these are lying around... well, I'd at least have to try them on. I'm like, supergay for them. I don't even really want to wear them so much as I just want to look at them.
Creep mode alert.

Prada and Miu Miu have been making surrealistic dream heels for years. It's kind of their schtick. But now it's like all the fancy fashionistas want fun feet. Forget function. F that (alliteration) !

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  1. Umm yeah the first pair is on my Christmas list smashed between an iPhone and a vampire. Personally I think I have a better shot at getting the vampire than those sick shoes...ah well


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