OH HAI what are you doing this weekend? Cuz you should totally go to this thing Saturday night. It's called Sew the Seeds and it's being held at your favorite haunted haunt, The Spanish Moon. There will be music, a dance party with The Real Steven, and a parade of supercute, one of a kind fashions. I know because I've got that VIP status and I've already taken a peek at them. Yours truly will be walking the walk and literally auctioning the clothes off my back for my beloved Vicki and her good-doing causes. This time it's the Global Volunteer Network. I also went darker and redder for that girl just when I was beginning to like my lighter locks. Sooooo come watch me clumsily strut around in a cute little frock, meet the event coordinator and all around fab lady Vicki--who also does THE best hair in Baton Rouge, dance your sweatshirts off, and drink that drank. See you there kitty kats.

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