Oh my audience of 16 readers... where have I been? What exciting things have I been doing for the past WEEK? and Did I bring you a gift from my exotic travels? Bet you thought daddy was gone for good this time.
Well, the truth is as exciting as it is unexciting. 1. I had finals and after procrastinating and publishing 4 entries in like, idk, 4 days, I actually had some work to do. 2. then it was denouement. C. denouement is one of my favorite words (big enough to impress Gabe?) 4. my camera came in! and finally, 5. I've been planning and preparing things for this little blog so it'll be good enough to cut the fashion mustard.
Did I just combine 2 separate idioms? I love it when that happens because nobody knows what they mean anyway, but we can use them to create new meaning. Communication and meaning are nebulous?
At this point in time I've got like 8 blog entries running around in my brain. Maybe 2 of them are saved to Microsoft Word. But I also have an epic headache right now that has zero to do with last night's activities. It's okay though because I'm nursing it with some ibuprofen and a $6 bottle of water that is 100x purer than you'll ever be.
In the oh-so-cute words of Marissa, toodles poodles.

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