I've been meaning to let you all in on a secret of mine. With the holidays just around the corner and a new issue released, it's the perfect time to indulge ourselves with a little treat. Meet N.E.E.T. magazine, an online, Brit-based quarterly publication that focuses on "grassroots creativity and craftsmanship" --fancy words for independent designers, vintage clothiers, and earth-friendly fashions. Whatever flavor of indie you crave, be it uber cute Asian-inspired street styles, ultra hip urban wares, girly antique grandma looks, or quirky high fashion ensembles, N.E.E.T will find an independent company (usually just a crafty gal with some time on her hands) to suit your tastes. Think of it as your go-to guide for online vintage stores and etsy shops, without having to wade through all of the junk. It's the perfect source for finding one-of-a-kind yet affordable gifts for friends and family. And it doesn't hurt that their website is super easy to navigate. If you see something you like simply click on it and a new browser will direct you to your desires, all without straying away from the mag. Did I mention that they have some of the best fashion layouts? This issue's Miss Lulu and The Teaspoon Shortage is a must-see. God, even the title is brillz.
the current issue.

totally cute previous issues.

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