Lovers and lovelies,
You must watch out for this man. I'm going to be a nice law-abiding citizen and not post the copyrighted pic, so you must follow the link or you will find yourself in very, very grave danger.

This man is out to smoke all your ciggies, hog the covers, and then devour your heart. He is French. He is too cool for only one v neck. He prefers two, and the color black. He'll take his coffee the same way, kthx.

One commenter summed him up exactement:
"god is dead, but my hair is perfect."

ashford and the sart


  1. Ah I am always surprised how this people make smoking look so chic.

  2. He also looks like the type to steal random things like shampoo from you before stomping on your heart.

  3. fyi,
    would totally do him! (sorry if that was too direct...)
    but his insouciance is perfect for his ciggy and that v-neck.

    am tempted to agree with Ana B., however. proceed with caution! haha.

  4. um yeah ana b. took the words right out of my mouth.

    and I think we all know what we're thinking when we see this dude leyandrea ;)


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