Last Friday I went to my friend Courtney's dope. mixer, appropriately called BLOW. Dope. is Courtney's line of streetwear apparel with some printed items and some custom made. Her "vandalized" lil wayne and beyonce tees are hilarious. Courtney's got a great thing going, and as they say, her logo is "fly as hell." I have to agree.

Basically BLOW was this bangin party in this new old warehouse-y space that was revitalized from a failing auto mechanic shop into a retail/art gallery/event space of sorts by local screen printers Purple Monkey. I love how they kept the loft-y industrial feel intact, with exposed piping, cement floors, and chained panels of plexiglass and wood hanging from the super high ceilings to create more intimate spaces. I used to be kind of affiliated with those kids in the early days, so it's cool to see the place finally coming into its own.

I didn't know too many people there, but I'm pretty sure that all the cool kids were there. Lots of new faces meant lots of inspirations to mentally catalog. I wanted to take some random outfit pics but it really was soooo crowded. Crowds freak me out in an unconscious way. Everything's normal but when there are 8000 people around I suddenly find my body in panic mode --heart racing and muscles tense-- through no conscious thought or act of my own.

This girl's hair. I want it.

Luckily, there were several photogs perusing the scene. Check out the nice little blog here for some great pics. And check out the second or third pic where I'm scratching the bridge between my mouth and nose ever so gracefully, Ashley C is in the background doing something so crazy I didn't even recognize her, and Courtney looks lovely and happy as always.


  1. that sounds amazing!! i love your header!

    La C.

  2. ashley,
    i'd love to see a picture of that huge ruffled peach UO bag! haha.
    and yes, her hair--all bedhead and ethnic and street. i'm asian and our hair just cant do things other types of hair can, thou many people have commented that they love straight glossy asian hair. HMM.
    shall we trade links?

  3. Thanks for the post Ashley! Glad you enjoyed it!


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