Have you all seen Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides? It came out 10 years ago (!), but I finally got around to watching it this past week. While everyone was keeping up with childhood and high school movies I was off being oblivious and clueless (which I actually did see in a timely manner-- <3). Apparently, watching movies is a popular past time that I was never privy to. So now I'm playing serious ketchup.

I suppose our tweenage selves all wanted to grow up to be the enchanting Lux Lisbon (Kirsten Dunst) who had the adoration of heart throb Trip Fontaine (an amazingly young Josh Hartnett with a silly wig), but it was the youngest Lisbon, the first one to off herself, that drew me in. Watching Cecilia Lisbon was like looking back in time at my 13 year old self, straight middle-parted, not quite a bob haircut and all. It was almost as uncomfortable and painful to watch as it was to live through.

Cecilia is one part hopeless romantic, one part nostalgic idealist, and 2 parts dreamer. Mix it all together and she's the perfect example of the wallflower flowerchild. Living in her fundamentalist mother's imposed isolation in 1970s suburbia, it's no wonder she had to check her self out. Too bad though, because she had that lovely lace dress to prance around in.

If Cecilia were still around, and perhaps a smidge older, I imagine these might be her adornments.
cecilia - virgin suicides

I love Air's Playground Love which completes the soundtrack. What a rich and dreamy, melty sort of tune, just like the film itself.


  1. linked u back too!
    OOHHHHHH the virgin suicides..i havent seen it but its on my to-watch list along with much of tarantino's and nolan's work.
    apparently the book is just as seminal, u could check it out!
    cheers babe!
    andrea xooxoxx

  2. hello my heart,
    thanks for that sweet comment. so cool that you like my art. my biggest inspiration is fashion photography or just colours in general. they can give me a feeling, which I express in my art.

    with love and a box of chocolates x
    Laura Anais
    Miu Miu Doll

  3. so adorable :) i love how ethereal this is!

    La C.

  4. I love that movie...that's Jenny from Forrest Gump...how sweet.

  5. I should watch it, when you are so delighted!

  6. this is one of my favorite movies. maybe i'll watch it tomorrow. hee hee. and for inspiration because i am loving cecelia's dress. and thank you for the comments!



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