I don't have to see all of the Spring 2009 RTW shows to know that Chloe is my favorite of the season. Hannah MacGibbon is now head of the whole shebang, so maybe that's the reason for my recently discovered infatuation with the label. Delectable colors like apricot, lemon, pear, and cherry appeared in the most luxurious of wearable fabrics. The sheen, the feminine scallops, and voluminous bottoms have got me swooning.

Shorts and bows and totally wearable flats, oh my!

Imagine my feelings of joy and fortune when I came upon this skirt thrifting the other day. It ties in a bow, is work appropriate, AND it's vintage Michael Kors. Could it be ANY MORE EPIC?

Well, why yes, actually it could. Like maybe if it fit me.
:o ((((((((
That is a lot of sad faces, kids.

I took some creepy pictures of it on the stairwell.

Sigh, I'm kissing this baby goodbye, handing it over to my luckiest of siblings. Lucky because she was born a girl and is taller than I.

I will always love you vintage-Michael Kors-pencil-skirt-that-ties-in-a-lovely-bow-and-reminds-me-of-Chloe. Always.
and Forever.

vintage Michael Kors skirt, thrifted Kimchi & Blue tank, random black tights, Juicy Couture polka dot socks, Steve Madden mary jane heels


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!

    I love the Chloe collection but fear some of the shorts will look like napies on those of us who aren't stick thin and 6 foot tall! I think your longer Kors skirt is a much more flattering choice and great interpretation of the look!


  2. i dont know why youre trippin' ,
    it looks better on you than me

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