I love color. Half the reason I like playing about in clothes is to explore color palettes and texture mixtures. Sure, I could paint or oil pastel (verb), but it's far more time consuming. If patience is a virtue, then impatience is one of my vices. So I switched to fashion.

My new favorite color obsession is pairing green and yellow. I think I like it because traditionally green + yellow should make you want to vomit. Apparently I love ugly, vomity things. I can't remember what inspired me first, but shortly thereafter a Brazilian woman clad in a minty dress with sunshine yellow heels caught my eye on the Sartorialist . And then Rachel brought home a grass green and lemon yellow button-down from the 1960s. And then I remembered that Schiele piece that I totally adore. And then, well, I just had to try it for myself.

Pantone (the color authority--I'm not kidding, they get all scientificky and sociological about it) just declared YELLOW as 2009's color. The specific shade is called mimosa, and has a slightly orange tinge. Warm and full of sunshine, the color symbolizes hope. And possibly Sunday brunches. Wouldn't Michelle Obama look fantastic in yellow?

Did you know that colors are forecast like two YEARS in advance? Amazing. I'm excited about mimosa because various hues spanning the orange to green spectrum have been my favorite colors since I was but a wee one.
A few months ago I bought this perfect 1960s knit bedspread in marigold and cream that I've been cosying up with ever since. I must admit it does make me feel all lovely and warm, even though baby it's cold outside.

Uh, let's try that again.

Ok then.


  1. thanks love!
    oh god. your blog is divine. i get sooo greedy from this post. i want those heels. i want that second dress.... gorgeous!
    with love x Laura

  2. You've changed my views on green and yellow :)

  3. Thank you<3

    Oh, I love green right now. These are really great!! =]

    Here's the answer to your question; I got the info from this website here...



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