On New Years Eve I had to resist the urge to hermit up. I wasn't shunning the world or having a pity party --hanging out by myself is something I've been doing a lot lately. Mostly because that's what I want to do. I've become superinvolved in all of my projects, none of which I have the proper time to devote to. But I'm really really content with the whole thing.

There were various goings on, none of which were begging for my presence. There were New Orleans, The Moon, or a house party to choose from. At almost the last minute I decided to go to the house party because I was promised organic sparklers and a lot of champagne. I didn't even try on a number of things; I wore the first thing I put on which was strange because I've never worn these boots or shirt before so I didn't have a mental picture of how they would work out. Either my standards were particularly low or I really did pick a winner on the first try. I didn't take pictures that night but here is what I came up with.

The shirt is a thrifted, *ahem* Tommy Hilfiger blouse that is slightly sheer and about 3 sizes too big for me so it's sort of a loose tunic. It was cold and we were outside so I kept my new Kimchi & Blue ruffle coat on the whole time. Black skinnies, thrifted Nine West boots, and my *ahem* handcuff key necklace finished the look. I like the combination of the silver necklace with the gold stars, navy, and black. The mix seems winter holiday appropriate.

I bought the TH shirt because the gold stars reminded me of Chanel. Same thing goes for the patent toe and heel ankle boots. The whole look seemed very Chanel goes to band camp. Or boot camp. Or the French Revolution. I'm not sure which one.

I don't really do makeup, though I've recently taken an interest in it. I was in a hurry due to my last minute decision to be social, so I wiggled on some blue mascara (my FAVORITE beauty item), a very light dusting of pinkish blush, and peachy pink lip gloss. It's not much, but I like the softness.


  1. i love that coat + your makeup looks amazing (:
    i've put your link up!

  2. I love your blog! Great style! Happy New Year!

  3. that jacket and shirt totally go together... so it.

  4. LOVED your comment!! I've been a bit "hermit-ish" myself these days. But I've always enjoyed my own company ;)

  5. I think you put together a perfect outfit, especially that shirt. It's too cute! And I know what you mean about the hermiting issue, since I've been doing the same thing since the holidays began. It's just all that stuff you don't have time for during school like *ahem* laundry :P

    do you also mind if I link you onto my blog? Thanks so much!

    xoxo Steph

  6. The sheer blouse with the structured jacket looks great.

  7. That blouse is a great find, as you said, it's very chanel. Your make-up is good, because looks natural. You're pretty.


  8. hey sweetie! i just realized you left me so many comments on my blog! sorry, i never wrote back. i'm in LOVE with your blue coat. i just can never afford uo's coats. but they are so awesome!


  9. Love the Tommy Hilfiger blouse!


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