My girl Ana B. over at Seeing Pink Elephants (a fiesty little popculture, fashion, celebrity, entertainment, and all things cool blog) posted a piece on muppet icon Janice, lead guitarist of Electric Mayhem, who does indeed bear a striking resemblance to the uber tan fashion goddess Donatella Versace. It made me want to share my muppet face with you:

What's even better is that I used to do a richbitch Donatella impression. (Btw, richbitch is a real word according to blogger). I'm totally going as Donatella for Halloween this year -Add a superorange mystic tan, ridiculous blonde wig, and a sexy *little* dress with a neckline down to my bellybutton/hemline up to there and things will be so legit. It'll be a nice contrast to my Daria costume from this past year. Yeah, THAT Daria. La la laa la laaaaaa.


  1. Awww thanks for the love babe...You'd make a cute muppet Donatella.

  2. It depends, all pairs are by different designers. But these in particular are super comfy! =]



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