Woop Woop move over these shoes too phat.

I finally settled into a pair of triple buckle maryjanes. Thank god because now I am going to wear them everyday as I had intended. Possible contenders: 5.7.9 (low end version), Steve Madden (midgrade), Miu Miu (better, on ebay), Chloe (wayyy out of my league). The winner: Dolce Vita, a nice little midgrade.

Basically, the 5.7.9 versions fit well and came in fun colors like yellow and teal but are made out of PU, which is, um, pee yew for the feetsies. I stalked the Steve Madden version for a while until I found out they weren't available in-store (at least here), and online they were on sale like $10 off so they could not be returned or even exchanged for a different size. Um, who is Steve kidding? Times are rough and no one is going to be happy with a company that doesn't offer an exchange! On shoes no less! The Miu Miu's came in cognac AND my size, which made me love them even harder, but even on ebay they were a little more than I wanted to spend. And the Chloe's are just so desirable that they are impossible to find.
You're impossible to find.

So I found this pair of Dolce Vita, which is now being sold at Dillards. Woop woop. The deal is even sweeter for me because my seester gets that discount. Woop woop.

At first I wasn't totally satisfied with the DV's. My first pair turned out to be too big because I have telepathically shrunk (shrinked?) my feet. The second pair I thought were going to be too small, but I think they will be perfect once I break them in. They are also sort of stiff, but LIKE I SAID, I'm breaking them in by wearing them everyday and also to bed.

First go round was at Mod Night on Saturday. Mod Night happens every week (?) at the Saturn bar in New Orleans, and once a month or so at the little Red Star in Baton Rouge. It's definitely one of the most funnest things in BR, and it's even more funner at the Saturn bar in New Orleans because there is this wooden "balcony" encircling the dance floor (slab, rather) that is totally not up to code. It's pretty much a shack. Don't be fooled out-of-towners, it has zero to do with it being post-Katrina. That's just how they roll.

Mark Hunter, where were you on this one? This face has got the cobrasnake written all over it.

I forgot you live somewhere cool. Also, I just found out that you are younger than me and that you have your own Wiki entry and these things kind of hurt my feelings.

Somebody get this girl a haircut and a milkshake.


  1. dude u are hilarious, i hope u know that. i've said that 3x in a row already.
    looking forward to more outfit posts with those shoes featured a la the stiletto effect
    andrea xoxooxxx
    Life In Technicolor

  2. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog and the hand urban outfitters tip! Love the shoes

  3. You're such a sweetheart.
    I love your shorty hair 'do!

    thank you for the comment :]



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