Speaking of Missoni, Angela totally killed it for Fall '09 RTW. The theme? Wrap yourself in incredibly snuggly knits from head to floor.

I especially love the leggings and the little banded ankle pants that come in the iconic zigzag knit. Oh, and the luxe color palette: blushy peach, light blue, taupe, nude, gray.

I have an unnatural aversion to blue because I think it's boring, but the pops of sky and cerulean sprinkled throughout the collection are anything but predictable.

A ready-to-wear collection that is actually ready to wear? I imagine Missoni will do quite well this year, despite the oh noes! worldwide economic apocalypse.

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  1. Amazing collection. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog. It's so cool that you are a philosophy TA! Hopefully, I'll end up at Grad school eventually and will be a TA as well! (Just not in philosophy).

  2. I like shoes and long winter scarfs, but not in such combinations. I have to admit that I expected more. I can understand that anything as the trend goes, but look like homeless, and still give a lot of money for this?


  3. ashford...
    im not so sure i agree!!! i LOOOOOVE missoni for being soooo luxurious, and while the collection was coherent and well-executed, i just thought it was OTT. but missoni is def an investment brand...and the knits are gorgeous i'll give u that! cheers babe!
    andrea oxoxoxx
    Life IN technicolor

  4. I think every one of these would look better without the floor-dragging scarves. Or, better, drop the weird cowl things and wrap the scarves, at least somewhat. Don't drag your expensive knits through the mud, girlies--use them to stay warm!

  5. I do love leggings with bulky layers!
    Cons: your long scarf gets caught in the subway door
    Pros: you can use the layers as blankets when shit goes down in 2012 "Children of Men" style.

  6. I'm in love with the leggings and stupid long scarves. Then again I just love Missoni.

  7. I usually don't go for blue either ...but sometimes am surprised by it ...love these floor-length scarves!

  8. so snuggly, wish i was walking around like this in the cold winters of london!


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