I'm sick so posts will be few and far between for the next week or so. I got the fever and it's terribly miserable. My bum hurts from laying around in bed allllllll dayyyyy. I'm usually go go go all the time, so lying in my germy prison is 1984 rat box style torture. Enter at your own risk.

Doesn't my sister look like Ashley Olsen? She's the one in the center looking like Ashley Olsen.

I wish I had a scan of Rachel's eighth grade school photo. She looks pretty much identical to Ashley here. Dark eyebrows, green eyes, blonde hair, great brow bone, skinny "joker" mouth that she despises. Which makes me wonder why didn't I come out looking like Mary-Kate? I curse genetics.

I may not look like Mary Kate but there is something similar about our "photo" faces. What's going on behind her piercing, judging eyes and pursed lips??

Mary Kate photos courtesy of Olsens Anonymous


  1. Aha my bum hurts from sitting too long when I'm sick too. Just thought I'd share that...

  2. I'm sorry but neither of you look like the olsens...


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