Last week I'm minding my own business walking to the bookstore coffee shop where I get a discount on my decaf apricot tea and which I prefer to CC's anyday when.... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh.... I was touched by a style angel. I had class late that day so I figured I would don a cute little skirt and tights ensemble. Instead, I was lazy and wore a printed tee, destroyed boyfriend jeans and nonchalantly threw on a scarf --a decision I immediately regretted upon seeing such a fashionable being headed my direction.

Here's how it went: I see this guy looking straight out of New York, wearing a v-neck cardi over a button down and tie with cropped trousers and the most amazing steampunkish boots I've ever seen irl. Think Ann Demeulemeester for dudes. Two things run through my head- ok maybe three. The first one is where the hell is my camera in moments like these? The second is wow I am so retarded for wearing this lazy American jeans and tee combo before His Highness. And thirdly, I've got to see these boots in greater detail. There was nothing I could do about the first two dilemmas, but I was determined to walk with my head down like a sad weirdo in order to check out this sartorialist's amazing boots on the sneak.

All should have gone as planned, except as the boots were coming closer I felt a hand upon my shoulder. Mr. Fashion touches my scarf and very calmly, coolly says "This is good" as we both walked on by.

I couldn't help but smile. And then I died.
Please forgive my poor photo. I was le tired.

So Mr. Way Too Fashionable For LSU/Baton Rouge/Louisiana/The South if you ever should happen upon this blog, please do let me know who makes your boots. They are good.

thrifted plaid fringe scarf, Urban Outfitters tee


  1. aww that is such a great story,i have yet to meet a sartorial man/woman in my area where i live

    and cute scarf,and i was looking at your posts down below and i heart that bag,however much it costs it was WORTH EVERY pennay!

    i heart your style,

    oh and thanks for the comment,<3

  2. yesss I totally agree with you, an orange, the right one would be perfect for summer and spring.
    I'll look for it, but sure that MALVA, those little ones, has got many variants.

    Love sweety!

  3. if you out credits...better ; )))

    Verena Stefanie

    omg. would kill for something as surreal as that, i cannot freakin believe he TOUCHED yr scarf u have turned me into a squealy bimbo halfway round the world.
    i love fashionable boys. they slay me
    andrea oxoxox

  5. im not sure where the first photo came from. i just got it off of weheartit.com, so it may very likely be from wherever you said it was.

  6. Cute blog hun.

    I love Mary Kate and Ashley hehe xox

  7. That never happened to me when I was at LSU. As soon as I leave BR decides to get all stylish n what not. I think I have a scarf like that.

  8. Mm. Le Fashionable is now the closest thing to God I've ever heard of :P

    so freaking epic

    btw, thanks for all the lovely comments! sorry it took so long to get back to you, i've been crazxy busy like no other :p

    oh yeah, I live in California, up in the mountains, just far enough below the timber line to have snow be special :P


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