In July's issue, American Vogue asks if they can get "an Amen up in here?" From the depths of my fashion soul sings a resounding YES. You see, Vogue is celebrating the return of the woman-- of waists and boobs, of tailoring and tights, of kitten heels and graceful gestures (Think Prada). Bye bye oversized, shredded don't-give-a-fuck, pour-yourself-into, liquid-sexpot-latex-and/or-leather-leggings and geometric skyscrapers more commonly known as "shoes." Nope, I've never been a huge fan of the downtown, model off-duty look.

Not sure if I need to be strutting around in nude pantyhose just yet, but there's something about elegance and poise that's utterly refreshing. I'm drawn to the idea of dressing up (Everyday! How did we get so casual in the first place?? People wear pajamas outside of the house--seriously?), hair that's set once or twice a week, and always knowing exactly what to say (Hello, Oprah!). I'm seriously ready to crack an etiquette book.

Editor Sally Singer sums it up, "The point is that right now, the look that has been doing the rounds for what feels like, oh , forever is suddenly tired, tired, tired. The biker jacket with one too many zippers. The slouchy distressed tees that now only cause frayed nerves. The heavy buckled platform ankle boots that are a dead weight. And the leggings! The leggings, in leather or nylon or gleaming PVC; time for them to walk to the back of the closet. Girls who once dressed for their inner rocker don't want to hum that tune anymore."

Yep, we've got a new song to sing; its highlights can be found in Vogue's Met gala round-up (be sure to check out Doutzen Kroes glorious powder blue tulle confection), the classic 1950s housewife melodrama in which Natalia Vodianova must choose between happiness with her rebel boy toy or a marriage with the secure Ewan McGregor (a bit trite, but it works), and Sally Singer’s foray into carefully coifed up-dos. Each feature made for a spectacularly cohesive issue, one that truly inspired my barely beating fashion heart.

Well done, Vogue, well done.

Marion Cotillard photos via Just Jared



Um, whyyyyy are we not talking about this? I mean, it's from the June issue of American Vogue and I'm just now getting around to posting it, but that probably has a lot to do with how distracting Blake Lively's boobs are (srsly, skip pages 122-135).

Apparently, it's the first time the couple is appearing in a shoot together (photographed by Annie Leibowitz). And apparently, Karen has a new band with a new album. And apparently, Jack is super proud of her. And obviouslyyy, Jack White and Karen Elson are the coolest. couple. ever. (and I don't use the three period. format. lightly.)

Vogue describes the new album as "spooky alt-country" that's "creepy gorgeous," while Marie Claire coins it as "countrypolitan" and "smoky blues."

Either way, I'm listening. Because if there's one thing I like, it's creepy romantic ghost lullabies.


A Little Wake-up for the Face

Trying out red lipstick
Sephora Lip Liner in Real Red//Sephora Lipstick in It Girl


Eleven Heavy Things: Inspired by Prada's Chandeliers

My sister took a minute to coax me out of my nap and into heading in to the city for an impromptu photoshoot.

I have to admit, it was pretty fun being un petit fleur.

And! we came upon these Miranda July props. I love Miranda July because I feel like her work actually succeeds at blurring and exploring the space between artist, viewer, environment, and strangers. There is a communion between the four that's totally interactive and available to be changed and created. I love that.

We ended the night with scratch-offs. Neither of us won.

Vintage Crystal Chandelier Dress/90s The Limited Black Slip Dress/Random Black Grosgrain Ribbon/Some Pins You Can't See (one from New Loot)/Rhinestone Ring/Whatever Black Tights/Tommy Hilfiger(!) Navy Patent Platforms


New Loot

One of the best things about my job is the amazing employee discount. Last week I picked up these bits and baubles (3 pins, two rings) almost immediately upon walking in (I love when the jewelry gets restocked!). Plus, I scored the Vena Cava for Gap khaki dress (out last summer) that I've had my eye on. And did I even mention this clutch? Metal and basketweave is my new jam. So chic.

It's ridiculous how many times I've worn these items in the past few days. They seem to bring everything together. I guess that's what accessories are supposed to do.

Which means I'll be updating with outfit posts!


Free Yeasayer

Saturday was the grand opening of summer shows being played on Governors Island. Getting to the show was a logistical nightmare (by ferry, only, that started running at 6pm for an 8pm show). FreeWilliamsburg pretty much nailed the vibe, although they failed to mention that the food line was about 10x longer than beer line at all times (WHAT?). We waited an hour for the shitty sausage sandwiches they mention.

But I'm not complaining. I loved the show, the ferry ride, the sand!

Comfort is key, so I'm wearing my H&M organic white tee knotted at the hip (easily my favorite shirt), American Eagle denim shorts, Vintage straw/metal convertible clutch (more on that later), and white "keds." Pretty much the perfect summer jams outfit.

And as for summer jams, Yeasayer fans keep clicking: