Free Yeasayer

Saturday was the grand opening of summer shows being played on Governors Island. Getting to the show was a logistical nightmare (by ferry, only, that started running at 6pm for an 8pm show). FreeWilliamsburg pretty much nailed the vibe, although they failed to mention that the food line was about 10x longer than beer line at all times (WHAT?). We waited an hour for the shitty sausage sandwiches they mention.

But I'm not complaining. I loved the show, the ferry ride, the sand!

Comfort is key, so I'm wearing my H&M organic white tee knotted at the hip (easily my favorite shirt), American Eagle denim shorts, Vintage straw/metal convertible clutch (more on that later), and white "keds." Pretty much the perfect summer jams outfit.

And as for summer jams, Yeasayer fans keep clicking:

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  1. free yeasayer!?!?!?

    JEALOUS soo jealous

    love the blog! :)



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