Um, whyyyyy are we not talking about this? I mean, it's from the June issue of American Vogue and I'm just now getting around to posting it, but that probably has a lot to do with how distracting Blake Lively's boobs are (srsly, skip pages 122-135).

Apparently, it's the first time the couple is appearing in a shoot together (photographed by Annie Leibowitz). And apparently, Karen has a new band with a new album. And apparently, Jack is super proud of her. And obviouslyyy, Jack White and Karen Elson are the coolest. couple. ever. (and I don't use the three period. format. lightly.)

Vogue describes the new album as "spooky alt-country" that's "creepy gorgeous," while Marie Claire coins it as "countrypolitan" and "smoky blues."

Either way, I'm listening. Because if there's one thing I like, it's creepy romantic ghost lullabies.


  1. I know. They're freaking amazing! (jack and karen, not blake lively's boobs, although some of my guy friends would say otherwise)

  2. ashford!
    keep the red lips, add eyeliner. :) lovely nonetheless.
    also on blake's boobage- DEFO TOO MUCH, my problem is she never knows when to kepe them covered. i have to say thou, for natural boobs they are pretty amazing. haha.
    here's a relatively snarky op-ed i read months ago-- you will certainly see the humor.


    so- care to give a random life update? wot r u up to besides the magazine thing? hope u r well, love! cheers

    andrea x
    Life In Technicolor.


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