This weekend was awesomesauce applesauce full of brownies and win. Alexandra and I made like gypsies at the Family Dollar school supplies craft aisle.
(There are no Hobby Lobbys in NY!)

We laid everything out on F$'s floor, divided it up, and then added some balloons, a birthday banner, and crystal growing kit for good measure.
Back at home, we rearranged all the lamps in the house so we could have cozy light instead of unpleasant overheads. Then we blew up the balloons (except red), hit the framboise and made Betty Crocker brownies for the most decadent unbirthday night ever.

And look what we made! (This one is Alex's.)
(do what you wanna)

Following the instructions of Miranda July's Learning to Love You More project, we started with what seemed like an easy one. Appropriate, too, because this relentless job-search, job-advice, network-building stuff has me hating it all.

So, you know what?
I don't have to be anything.


  1. I've using magazines lately for many projects. they are the best!

  2. hahaha OMGZ I just blogged about this night too...before I read your version...and they're so freaking similar. guess thats what we get for talking to each other all the time.


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