and headed for the sunnier skies of my hometown, Baton Rouge. After months of frigid winter temps, running around footloose and fancy free felt oh so right.

First up, a crawfish boil that extended long into the night:

The spiciest artichokes ever.

So you dump a batch of boiled crawfish and veggies onto the newspaper and then eat the heck out of them. Nothing better than good friends and good food.

Hiking in Tunica, MS:

It's either TOMS or no shoes at all in these parts. Yep--I hiked all day, barefoot.

The first of several waterfalls. Unfortunately, I sort of stopped taking pictures at this point and focused on how amazing the scenery was.

My friend Paul took this one.

My favorite part of the trip was a 2 hour bike ride just before my flight back to NYC. I could have ridden all day! I mean, I really really wanted to.

Wisteria everywhere, smells amaaaaazing.

The Mighty Mississippi

Getting misted at the golf course.

I can't believe this is someone's front yard.

Cypress "knees"

Wild wisteria taking over even wilder azalea bushes.

Quaint tree-lined lanes.

Maybe I'm biased, but the fabulousness of New York doesn't have anything on this. Four days were not enough to take in all this loveliness.

I'll get back to fashion soon enough.

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  1. I love those mist-er things. They're super!


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