After moving and vacay-ing and a brief sickness in the space of 2 weeks, I felt pretty damn well entitled to a 12 hours-night's sleep and not getting up until noon today. And then I got all 60s gumshoe glam in my new (secondhand) leopard swing coat and headed to the Family Dollar (twice, actually) for some iced tea, lightbulbs (CFLs), and organizational tools (desperately needed).

Then I took an hour or so break from unpacking my house (stilllll not done) (art still on floor) (#whoops) to sit in the sun and read some of my book--currently Ishmael, one of those books that changes your life. It's OK, but as an aging philosophy phenom, the ideas aren't so mind-blowing. But if you are young and fresh, I very much recommend it.
Anyway, I was having a (philosophical) moment in the park, as I am prone to do these days, when a tiny 8 year old (and I'm guesstimating here) excused herself to ask me if I'd like a flower. How sweet! And then she handed me this lovely single pink coral tulip. And all was right in the world and nothing was wrong.

In this very congested, non-gardeny area of Brooklyn where I now reside, I can only imagine where she plucked it from.

1. Secondhand F21 Leopard Swing Coat, $6.25, Employee Discount @ Work
2. F21 Denim Legging-ish Jeans, $12.50, Forever 21
3. Turquoise Huarache Flats, $29.50, American Eagle


  1. Really cute jacket. That girl sounds so sweet!

  2. i love secondhand forever 21, it's so funny to find it


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