Let me summarize this weekend for you:

I can't stand the rain. Oh it is miserably rainy here in NYC during this very busy week of mine-- priming and painting my new place in BushWACK Brooklyn, packing and moving to said new place, and getting ready for my immediate post-moving departure for a Big Louisiana Vacay where I will get to see my friends, family, and hot sunshine that I miss so dearly (it's been 8 months and my how I have grown!).

Oh and in my free time I do this thing where they pay me money to sell and clean and know about vintage things. It's sort of like a full time job but not nearly as awful because we have a nosh box filled with Reese's and Rolos.

So yeah, I've basically been wearing a duffel coat with a red 3/4 sleeve raincoat on top and getting sopping wet anyway. I did attempt to wear this out the other night. Well, I did wear it, but my attempt at meeting up with some friends didn't work out so well. I'm too tired and wet to have friends right now.


  1. Awwww, you look so tres chic!

  2. i love saddle shoes. I'm having a mild obsession with saddle shoes and those miu miu collars with the animals on them
    i'm envious of your weather, hot sunshine gets tiring.

  3. hallo...nice to meet you..don't forget for visiting my blog. :)


  4. Your shoes are super cute! I don't like too much rain either.

  5. are you sure? i love the rain and rain coats too. probably because i am living on this here mountain top in the arizona desert. i think i like your blog now. http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/


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