Summertime Clothes

I didn't think this is how I would make my mark in magazines, but here ya go:




Last week, Alexandra, Deezer and I headed out to Soul Clap at Glasslands, which is all about dance-a-thons and James Brown. We danced our little butts off, splurged for a car service, and returned back to the diva lair (the newly dubbed name for our apartment) sweaty and happy.

I went straight Brooklyn style: striped tee, denim vest, black mini, black booties.

//Mossimo Striped Tee//Thrifted 90s Gap Denim Vest//Thrifted Black Old Navy mini//Ebay Nine West Jazz booties//Thrifted Vintage Perforated White Clutch//


The Glam(ourai) Band(ourai)

The Glamourai double dog dared us to don double dots, so I did (OMG).

I love a good fashion challenge. No better way to shake things up closet-wise. Thanks for the constant inspiration Kelly!

Navy American Eagle Dress (underneath)//Thrifted High-waisted Skirt (on top)//Vintage Belt from Vintage Thift//American Eagle Bauble Charm bracelet//Thrifted J Crew Ballerina Espadrilles (one of my favorites!)


Fashion Family

Speaking of moms and Mother's Day and all that, I was just wondering if any of your moms were your fashion inspiration? My mom isn't so much now (trust me, I try desperately to remedy this), though she did kind of have it going on back in the day. She rocked that light blue eyeshadow hard, which I think is the modern day equivalent of Jersey shore sharkskin. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics with me in NY.

What I do have, however, is this amazing photo of my grandparents from the 70s. They're so perfectly nerd chic that I die with tater tots in my pocket. I mean, not even Weezer can pull this off so well.

I can't help but think that if I saw these kids in Williamsburg, I'd want to hang with them.


The White Elephant in the Room*

Normally I'm a hater when it comes to Urban Outfitters (try being a cashier at their flagship store), but their style icon moms contest was totally brilliant (toast brillz, if you roll like that). I plan on copying this look, head to toe, as soon as it's not scarf and coat weather in New York (WTH THIS IS MAY).

I'm obsessed with 70s looks right now, so I'm all about these real deal inspirations. Click the pic for all the hot mamas, literally.

*So I haven't blogged in a month. Let's pretend it never not happened and hope it never not happens again.