The White Elephant in the Room*

Normally I'm a hater when it comes to Urban Outfitters (try being a cashier at their flagship store), but their style icon moms contest was totally brilliant (toast brillz, if you roll like that). I plan on copying this look, head to toe, as soon as it's not scarf and coat weather in New York (WTH THIS IS MAY).

I'm obsessed with 70s looks right now, so I'm all about these real deal inspirations. Click the pic for all the hot mamas, literally.

*So I haven't blogged in a month. Let's pretend it never not happened and hope it never not happens again.


  1. i saw that feature on the website! it's sooo inspiring!

  2. OH I didn't see that featured. That's an amazing photo. Fashion really does come back around.


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